Best Weapons for X Rank in Splatoon 2

These weapons are among the top tier of weapons, and so you'll see them a lot in X Rank. These are basically the Meta of Splatoon 2's X rank. Also make sure to add anything else you've seen frequently in X Rank.
The Top Ten
1 Kensa Splattershot Pro

it's a solid weapon with Splat and Booyah bombs, but
-49.8 damage, so 2 shots make touching Ink instant death for the opponent.

-falloff damage is a 3 shot instead of 4
-stupidly long range and fast kills
There's a reason this is the most popular X rank weapon: it's one of the best weapons in the game.

2 Kensa Rapid Blaster

This blaster has a great kit and also let you stay far enough away from most opponents to splat them with no risk. The kensa rapid blaster has a panic baller for enemies who get too close, but the main thing is that you can shoot around corners and use the torpedo to flush out enemies. On top of all that, on the off chance a torpedo actually hits, the enemy is left at 1-shot health. All in all a great weapon.

3 Ballpoint Splatling

Nintendo had so many good ideas... for fair and balanced weapons... and then this was created.
Firing mode 1: It has range that rivals the hydra ( is more accurate, but less damage)
Firing mode 2: range and damage of the mini splatling ( less accurate, but you can move faster)
Oh, and yeah, you can recharge WHILE FIRING.
This thing would probably be the best weapon in the game if it had suction or splat bombs to go with it's INKJET.
Oh, and throw on thermal ink as well. This is actually one of the few weapons that it's good with. (If you hit them you can see them through walls, but most weapons that would benefit from this [anything with range] one shot anyways. )

4 Custom Dualie Squelchers

These can go toe to toe with most non-backlining weapons, and even outrange a vast majority of the shooters in the game. They have next to no end lag on their dodge roll, and the splat bombs and ink storms are pretty powerful with the main. The only thing is that their firepower can be beaten by shooters who get too close.

It seems like everyone and their mom's cousin mains these sometimes, and I hate it.

5 Clear Dapple Dualies

These things are a veritable splashdown FACTORY, and if you try to hide, they will flush you out with Torpedoes. Woe betide you if you are hit by one, because you'll be left at one hit for the Dapples. Being dualies, they are basically immune to being super jump camped, and they have a dodge roll that makes them lightning quick. They don't have great range though, so make sure you keep your distance from these things. They aren't that hard to use well, either.

6 N-ZAP '85

This one is generally regarded as playing the game on easy mode. It's got all the advantages of a well rounded weapon, with

-slightly less turfing power than a Splattershot (the splattershot has more ink drops, the n zap shoots faster)

-the N zap shoots faster, the splattershot does more damage. the time to splat is only a fraction of a second less than the splattershot
-the n zap has a significantly faster move speed while shooting

- suction bombs, which are an absolute S tier sub weapon, and Ink armor, which suits the N-zap's role of a support class better than any other special.
Sheldon even tells you that it's, and I quote, "the definition of reliable"
(also, learn to strafe in ink and slap on some speed to make this thing unkillable in a 1v1)

It's too well rounded to be fair in solo que.

7 Luna Blaster

If you're gonna play tower control, there is no substitute. You will likely carry your team, and if you use the one with the ink storm, you could even use this in splat zones. It's one of, if not the, most dangerous slayer weapon in the game, so you could even use it in clam blitz and rainmaker. ESPECIALLY on Port Mackerel.

8 Bloblobber Deco

What if this thing had a bomb rush? What if this thing mastered not only turf war and the other modes with its deadly one shot but splat zones too? Yeah that would be fair. vanilla is good enough on zones wit its ink storm but they just had to add a bomb launcher and you can stick sprinklers on the CEILING in Starfish Mainstage

Ah, yes, the bloblobber that will single-handedly win any splat zones match with a suction bomb rush and sprinkler. That IS reliable...

9 E-liter 4K

Y'know those level prestige 99 Japanese E-liters who use their ink mines and Ink storms to trap the opponents who get too close, in addition to having pixel perfect aim and perfect snaps? Yeah... this might not be the easiest weapon to use, but if you use it correctly, this is truly one of the most terrifying things for your opponents.

10 Tentatek Splattershot

In Splatoon 1, this WAS the meta. In Splatoon 2, it's still one of the most used weapons in X rank. It has splat bombs and an Inkjet, which are some of the best subs and specials, and the main itself is easy to use and well rounded. But it is, of course, designed to be aggressive, so watch out for the person using it.

The Contenders
11 Custom Explosher

An explosher is basically a blaster, but also a slosher (hence the name). Since the blaster is a must for tower control and the slosher is good for landing shots on the tower, the explosher could be perfect for tower control. Combine that with the baller for close quarters and you win. Simple as that.

12 Aerospray PG
13 Splatterscope

Imagine if tower control was fair- what a dumb thing that would be. Especially the vanilla Splatterscope. Stingray is annoying...

14 Splattershot Jr.

It's an ink armor machine that can turf and charge it's special at ludicrous speeds. It's not the most INKredible implement for splatting, but you can throw a chain of 4 splat bombs with enough sub saver.

15 Kensa.52 Gal
16 Neo Splash-o-matic
17 Tri-Slosher Nouveau
18 Dark Tetra Dualies
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