Top 10 Best Weapons in Fortnite Battle Royale

The Top Ten
Legendary Scar

It is rare to get and when you do get one you play like Ninja

I like it because it is og and gives out hello a lot of damage

Legendary Rocket Launcher
Legendary Heavy Shotgun

YES - Swiftdawn

Heavy shotgun is my 2nd faviorte gun my 1st is heavy sniper

Legendary Burst Assault Rifle
Epic Heavy Shotgun
Legendary Grenade Launcher
Legendary Bolt Action Sniper
Blue Grenade Launcher

No matter what when you spam this it don't matter about building

Gold Heavy Sniper

The scar is the best gun of all time

Blue Sub Machine Gun

Best in the game

Shot very fast and shots pretty strong - AmazingDOGEguy

The Contenders
Semi Auto Sniper
Legendary Pump Shotgun

Yo bots this gun is suck

So good should be higher

Pumps best gun

Its amazing

Guided Missile
Heavy Sniper

Legendary scar is the best gun in the game

Hand Cannon

My favorite weapon. Super underrated.

hand canon

Hunting Rifle

Can do trickshots and fast reload

Blue Tactical Shotgun

A good shotgun - AmazingDOGEguy

Suppressed Pistol
Blue Pump Shotgun
Duo Pistol
Quad Launcher
Rift to Go
Legendary P90
Legendary Ak-47
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