Top Ten Weapons in Resident Evil 4

The Top Ten

1 Chicago Typewriter

Make this game easier than you imagine

2 Handcanon

Love it because this gun can kill dr salvador in one shot.

3 P.R.L 412
4 Infinite Rocket Launcher

I like using it when facing with semi bosses and bosses

5 Mine Thrower
6 Rifle (Semi-Auto)
7 Striker

Can aim quicker than normal shotgun

9 Blacktail
10 Red9

Good pistol. I like it

The Contenders

11 Knife

Basic weapon in resident evil, if you're out of ammo, use it to survive

12 Handgun

I just like this gun, I use this gun to have fun with my enemies

13 Broken Butterfly

Strong enough to fight against JJ

Lower than the TMP, what? - nJur

14 Killer 7
15 Shotgun
16 Riotgun
17 Punisher
18 Rifle (standard)
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