Top 10 Best Weapons in

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1 USAS-12

Despite the short range, USAS-12 is pretty much OP as the splash damage and considerable damage makes up for it. This one takes the cake, obviously.

2 SV-98

This one is like an upgraded mosin nagant. Ten shots per chamber and large damage makes up for the high ranking of this list. Paired with quickswitching skill and SPAS-12, no doubt the best weapon to dominate in the game.


The most powerful weapon with most damage if we are talking objectively. Can land 2-3 shots on a full armored player. The reason why it's third is because it is very rare, and ammo is limited. If you want to effectively use this weapon, you need to have quite a good aim to get the best results.

4 SPAS-12

Perhaps the most easily exploitable weapon in the game. Easy to both overclock and quick switch. Paired with long range and tighter spread, this easily makes it 4th, and is reasonably uncommon. You can pair this with a sniper rifle and dominate the map more easily if you know how to quick switch.

5 Mosin Nagant

Although it can be considered one of the worst among inexperienced players due to the awful delay and reloading, this ironically, is one of the best weapons in the game among more skilled players since it can be also be quickswitchable. Due to its unique reload, pairing this with One In The Chamber perk makes this weapon quite more effective.

6 Saiga-12

Five rapid shots in one round, what's not to love?

7 M870

This weapon is pretty good in the early and middle game, and is quickswitchable making it easier to blow out most players in the game.

8 MP220

Two sudden shots, which kill most players in an instant. The assassin's dream. Great for newbies and skilled players alike.

9 P30L

It's underrated for a reason. The P30L is a very versatile pistol, which is better than the Desert Eagle due to more ammo accessibility and it is spammable especially if you are not good at aiming

10 Desert Eagle

With limited ammo and seven bullets in a round, this is mostly a skill based weapon so you have to land your shots right. Otherwise, one of the best weapons if used right. Don't take the dual desert eagle because it's a bit more inaccurate and you'll waste more ammo as a result, except in a very late game or you have plenty of ammo. This might be a hot take and people will disagree, but that's just my playstyle

The Contenders
11 Super 90

Smh I forgot to add one of the best weapons in the game. Basically a rapid fire shotgun sniper with a nice reload. The short delay makes it easier for non quickswitch players to adapt.

12 Vector

I mean, it's the vector! This thing absolutely stomps.

13 PKP Pecheneg
14 Rainbow Blaster
15 VSS
16 MAC-10
17 Mk 20 SSR
18 M79
19 PKM
20 QBB-97
21 Scout Elite
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