Top Ten Weapons in Zelda Breath of the Wild

The Top Ten
1 Savage Lynel Crusher

This is an absolute beast of a weapon, it is one of the most powerful in the game. - MasterLink

2 Ancient Bladesaw

There are only seven words I can say: It’s a chainsaw. In a Zelda game. - MasterLink

3 Savage Lynel Sword

A rustic sword used by white-maned Lynels. They say that it’s savage blades are strong enough to cut down any foe, no matter how strong. - MasterLink

4 Royal Claymore

It doesn’t do as much damage as the Royal Guard’s Claymore, but this sword is more durable. And still does loads of damage. - MasterLink

5 Windcleaver

A high-damage two-handed sword used by Yiga Blademasters, this sword can shoot a low-damage beam of wind at enemies, making it a ranged weapon as well as a melee weapon. - MasterLink

6 Great Thunderblade

It does high damage and can electrocute enemies and stun them, allowing you to rain in hits. - MasterLink

7 Edge of Duality

A double-bladed two-handed Sheikah-made sword, it has a high attack power and is effective against tough enemies like Lynels. - MasterLink

8 Lightscale Trident

It has a fairly good attack power, and generally Zora weapons are some of the most beautiful in the game. - MasterLink

9 Royal Guard’s Sword

The durability is terrible. But it has a high attack power. - MasterLink

10 Giant Boomerang

What’s better than a boomerang? A giant boomerang! It does more damage than a standard boomerang but is not very powerful overall. But who doesn’t love a GIANT BOOMERANG! - MasterLink

The Contenders
11 The Master Sword

Hey guys, I decided to not include the Master Sword because it was a bit too obvious and go with some more unusual choices. The Master Sword is brilliant though. - MasterLink

12 The Great Frostblade
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