Greatest Weather Report Songs

The Top Ten

Birdland Birdland Cover Art
Teen Town Teen Town Cover Art
Black Market Black Market Cover Art

This song is one of my favorites in the Jazz/Jazz Fusion category.

Some of the best bass work in a song. - Beatlesboy9

Elegant People Elegant People Cover Art
A Remark You Made A Remark You Made Cover Art

To me, this song is so powerful and mournful all at once. It creates on of the best atmospheres of all time, and is easily my choice for their best song. - Harry_Lime

Cannon Ball Cannon Ball Cover Art
Palladium Palladium Cover Art
Barbary Coast Barbary Coast Cover Art
Cucumber Slumber Cucumber Slumber Cover Art
Three Clowns Three Clowns Cover Art

The Contenders

Gibraltar Gibraltar Cover Art
Havona Havona Cover Art
Mysterious Traveler Mysterious Traveler Cover Art
Nubian Sundance Nubian Sundance Cover Art
Mr. Blue Sky
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