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21 SRware Iron
22 Tor

Tor Browser is built off of Mozilla Firefox, so it has all the necessary features. Also, the Tor Network makes security easy and solid.

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23 Baidu Browser

I don't care about what all can say, this is the best browser ever!

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24 Nano Browser

Nano Browser is a smartest web browser available for Windows, MAC, Linux, Android/iOS. It is easy to access and free to download. It's a user friendly browser and have taken a full privacy guarantee of user's data. It has a great set of features that provides flexibility to users like nano shot that allow users to take a full web page screen shot in just a single click, wishlist in which users can save website links for further use, can easily make bookmarks, can make a multiple reminder like can save an event's date, birthday reminders etc.. It takes a very less time to load a web page i.e., it's a fast web browser for faster web browsing. I have been using this browser, thus shared my views about it over here.

I agree with Nano Browser. Really it works fast and I have been using this browser on Mac and Android.

25 SeaMonkey Navigator
26 Yandex

Over American search based a big problem all search engines but a good broad search engine great additions Translate app One of best Email around including cloud etc. Making it one of best advanced around

27 AOL Desktop
28 Superbird

It is chrome based browser by Google.
I have try it it is really amazing, powerful, fastest.

29 Midori
30 Waterfox
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