Best Web Browsers for Android Phone


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1 Opera Mini

Best browser in world...
I love opera mini...

The faster browser very fast and smooth but less performance - abdalla.zarzour

Best-Fast-Easy to use-Classic look...

I Like Opera mini

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2 Maxthon Android
3 UC Browser

Very good performance and speed but opera mini is much faster - abdalla.zarzour

Very easy and fast browser. It is the best

Lots of features, great for downloads, user friendly


4 Dolphin Browser

Dolphin makes mobile browsing easy, adapting to the way you want to browse with customizable settings, voice and gesture control, and sharing features.

5 One Browser
6 Boat Browser
7 Opera Mobile

Better than Mini for sure.

8 Next Browser

Good browser but you need to install go launcher first if you not install the launcher the browser will not work - abdalla.zarzour

9 Google Chrome

The best browser and insane speed

10 Firefox

Firefox is best!

Its good because of its extension

That what I write firefox

His name is "Firefox" Dude

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The Contenders

11 Puffin Browser

Nice one

12 Lightning Browser

I like the black colours background. Web sites are all black. So I like that.

Very fast.

13 CM Browser

Only 1.7 mb the most lightweight and fast android broswer I used until now

14 Nano Browser

Nano Browser is a dynamic, safe and secure browser of India. It is developed by Nano Browser Pvt Ltd Company Chandigarh, India and included new advanced features like, Nanoshot which can take full web page screenshot in just a single click, Cloud print, Wishlist, Notepad and Calendar etc.. It is compatible with Multiple devices like Window, MAC, Linux, Android/iOS etc..

15 Brave Browser

Looks like chrome browser but on steroids

16 Citrio Browser

Best android browse it.

17 Opera Touch
18 exSoul Browser

Fastest of them all with all the bells and whistles

19 Baidu Mini
20 Du Browser
21 Samsung Internet Browser
22 Kiwi Browser
23 Via Browser
24 Jelly Web Browser
25 Nox Browser
26 Cloud Browser
27 Private Browser
28 Aloha Browser Lite
29 ABC Browser Pro
30 Infosonics Browser
31 Dual Browser
32 Bangle Browser
33 Yardax Browser
34 Mint Browser
35 RITS Browser
36 Microsoft Edge
37 Firefox Focus
38 M!Browser
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