Top 10 Magento T-Shirt Designer Tools

Magento is a fully customizable e-commerce platform that facilitates integration of third party applications with online stores. For online print shops, personalized t-shirts are most vital products and t-shirt designer tools are indispensable. The 10 most talked about t-shirt designers for Magento and their features are enlisted below.
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1 inkXE

InkXE T-shirt designer comes with pre-decorated T-shirt design templates, 5,000 cliparts, 100 fonts, and more assets. The admin can design and add more assets, design templates, fonts, etc. Rich text effects and image effects can be applied while designing personalized T-shirts.

Users can upload images from Facebook and Instagram for printing on their custom tees. The admin or printer can set price rules for uploading images, as well as for the white base, color variant, size variant, design area, printing methods, and premium designs.

Printers can assign rectangular decoration areas as well as decoration areas of any custom shape. They can assign multiple decoration areas on a single T-shirt. A particular decoration area can be associated with a specific printing method. Users can switch between printing methods.

Just when users are giving shape to their custom T-shirt designs, the designer tool keeps updating the cost of printing in real-time. Users can save their custom T-shirt designs for future use and share the personalized T-shirt designs on social media.

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2 GoMage Product Designer

GoMage Product Designer allows the end user to place orders with saved designs. The admin can set the color and size of the font as well as text effects. Users can upload images from their devices.

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3 Online T-Shirt Designer Tool

The designer tool provides a cart view for design. The tool comes pre-loaded with a library of cliparts, fonts, and shapes.

4 Brush Your Ideas

The Magento T-shirt designer is compatible with both Magento 1 and 2 platforms. So even if you've recently migrated your platform to Magento 2, Brush Your Ideas Magento 2 T-shirt Designer will serve the purpose. Using our user-friendly web-to-print Magento extension, your customers can design numerous products in just a few minutes.

Brush Your Ideas offers the best online T-shirt design software, a resourceful tool for designing custom T-shirts and clothes. This online T-shirt printing and jersey maker software is configurable with Magento. It's an awesome web-to-print solution. If you're looking for online printing software, our site offers great printing options like T-shirts, cards, shoes, and mugs, providing multiple options.

5 No-refresh No-refresh is a one stop destination for high-performance online product design software and tools . This software, including t-shirt designer tool, skin designer tool, etc . , are quite versatile and can be used to create designs for a range of products . They are fitted with some of the most stunning... read more
6 Products Designer

This designer tool comes with pre-loaded clipart and a shape library. The tool enables the printer or admin to set design prices, color prices, and location prices.

7 App Customizer

App Customizer gives users the option to mix, blend, and add colors to generate unlimited colors. Users can preview designs as well as share them on Facebook and WhatsApp.

8 Product Designer Canvas

This designer tool allows the admin or printer to enable or disable functionalities. The printer can also set prices for layouts, cliparts, and fonts. Users can save their designs and share them with friends and followers on social media.

9 Magento T-Shirt Virtual Maker

Users can drag and move text on their t-shirts. The tool allows the admin to upload templates and fonts, which users can utilize while designing their custom t-shirts.

10 Design'N'Buy

T-shirts are among the most preferred apparel today. If you're associated with the t-shirt business, you can maximize its potential. Attract customers by personalizing t-shirts with an online t-shirt design tool and grow your business.

Design'N'Buy allows you to design, preview, print, and sell your personalized t-shirts on the web through its Magento t-shirt design extension.

The Contenders
11 SetuBridge's T-Shirt Design Software

In the web-to-print industry - also known as Web2Print, remote publishing, or eCommerce online printing - no one wants to leave their home to get a custom-printed product these days. The revolution has begun! SetuBridge offers a trending web-to-print software (also known as T-shirt design software). This online designing tool transforms your eCommerce store into an online designer tool, improving user experience and enabling new feature implementation in your store.

12 Ocode T-Shirt Designer Extension

The Ocode T-shirt designer extension allows the admin or printer to set prices for cliparts, text, and uploaded images. The admin can upload fonts, cliparts, and design patterns. The tool enables users to resize images.

13 Customily
14 iDesigniBuy

iDesigniBuy develops product customization software for printers, personalized product sellers, online retailers, and shop owners. We are pioneers in developing and providing online product design software to clients across the world. We help print businesses and personalized product sellers simplify their online operations and offer a quality user experience with our solutions.

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