Top Ten Best Wordpress Slider Plugins

Besides all the challenges that one face before starting a business, the best way to attract the customers is by having an attractive and beautiful website. This can be easily achieved by having a slider plugin for the site. There are many sliders that are available in the market but before making any of the choice it is always good to have a look at the features that they offer and to make the best choice that will help your business to grow.
The Top Ten
1 Akkord Slider

I believe this is the best responsive horizontal accordion slider plugin for WordPress. It can display a variety of content in the slider. For example, you can add custom slides or pull posts from various categories, tags, or custom post types. You can even display posts from your social profiles like Facebook and Instagram, or show videos from Vimeo and YouTube in the accordion slider. You should definitely check it out!

You can have a beautifully designed pre-loaded skin, images, videos, and content slider in accordion format using Akkord Slider. The Akkord Slider WordPress plugin allows for a responsive jQuery slider that can display different types of content. The accordion slider loads very quickly, features well-optimized code, is SEO-friendly, and has a fully responsive design.

2 Cosmo Slider

To have a full-screen or wide slider with an image or video in the background and a call-to-action button, you can opt for Cosmo Slider. This plugin offers a featured slideshow with an elegant design and a dedicated settings panel. You can easily control the elements of the slider through more than 60 basic and advanced setting options.

3 Revolution Slider

Revolution Slider enables you to display content in a beautiful manner. Slider Revolution supports an impressive number of options for creating beautiful presentations and features an intuitive workflow. It is responsive and optimized for performance.

4 Meta Slider

Meta Slider is an intuitive WordPress slideshow plugin that is very easy to use. It allows you to create SEO-optimized slideshows in seconds. The plugin provides a simple and user-friendly interface and also offers different slideshow types from which you can choose.

5 Glam Slider

Glam Slider allows you to add an elegant slideshow with partially visible side slides to your WordPress site's front page. The plugin is responsive and supported by all devices. It offers a responsive design that auto-adjusts during screen rotation. It's very easy to implement anywhere on your site through shortcodes, template tags, and widgets.

6 Thumbel Slider

Thumbbel Slider WordPress Plugin is a dual-image, i.e., Thumbnail and Large Image, responsive content slider. This slider can be easily embedded on a site's homepage, posts, pages, sidebar, etc. It can be customized easily through the admin panel options.

7 Foto Slider

Foto Slider is the fastest photo gallery and featured content slider. It showcases a large number of images in a responsive and optimized way. It offers 100% customization through a dedicated settings page. A nice small thumb and large image gallery can be embedded anywhere on the WordPress site. The slider loads in less than 2 seconds and starts auto-sliding as well.

8 Soliloquy WP

Soliloquy WP is the fastest WordPress Slider plugin, using a hybrid technique called dynamic asynchronous AJAX preloading. It provides easy-to-use media insertion tools. All the slider actions are processed via performant AJAX calls, which smooth the experience with the Soliloquy UI.

9 Avartan Slider

Avartan Slider is the best free responsive slider plugin with an easy user interface. I can manage all elements easily with drag-and-drop features, including text, images, and videos. It offers a selection of loaders, navigation controls, bullets, and shadow options. It solved my issue of representing my site with the main slider.

Avartan Slider comes with an easy user interface and third-party video integration like YouTube and Vimeo, along with image previews. This is a really nice slider plugin to improve the presentation of your homepage. This slider is available in two different versions, Lite and Pro.

10 Rich Testimonials

Rich Testimonials is a highly customizable WordPress plugin that helps you add different testimonials received from customers. It aids in converting visitors into valuable customers. You can easily embed the testimonials in sliding form without putting in much effort. The slider can be customized easily using the straightforward admin panel options. It also supports responsive design.

I was looking for a slider to show testimonials in the form of a grid and list. After evaluating different sliders, I came across Rich Testimonials Slider, which provided me with all the features I needed. It's a highly customizable plugin with many great features. Three cheers for the support team for their awesome support!

The Contenders
11 Master Slider

Master Slider works perfectly with any of the existing WordPress themes and doesn't affect the site's performance. It is responsive and supports touch-swipe navigation. It provides the best super-smooth transitions across many browsers. The plugin helps to beautifully implement modern Parallax effects.

12 Slider WD

The ways users interact with the 100% responsive Slider WD guarantee a better and more immersive experience. It's an SEO-friendly plugin that provides a drag-and-drop backend interface, touch swipe navigation, and custom navigation buttons. It supports 27 transition effects. You can embed YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, or Dailymotion videos, as well as present your post slide in a simple and nice way.

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