Top 10 Websites for Identity Theft Services Reviews

First-hand reviews of identity theft services are great, but sometimes you need an expert’s take. If you are looking for a trusted provider, then relying on the words of these top 10 identity theft review sites is a great idea.

The Top Ten Websites for Identity Theft Services Reviews


At Elite Personal Finance, you can find many in-depth guides and reviews on identity theft companies and services. This site also contains breakdowns by company and plan type, and includes numerous pieces comparing popular protection plans. - intmed

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This site is a really useful resource for consumers, as it offers product buying guides, how-to's, news, reviews, and much more. The site contains reviews comparing identity theft companies with the intent of deciding the best of the year. There are also many reviews of specific protection plans. - intmed

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You can find information and reviews on various home and online security products on A Secure Life's site. Under their 'Personal Security' section is a categorize made for 'Identity Theft' content. From here, you can find an 'I.D. protection Reviews' tab that leads to an in-depth review post containing a comparison table of the major players in the identity theft prevention industry. As of July 2015, that table contains comparisons of nine different protection companies. - intmed

I've been following this site for awhile. Not only for personal security, but to read reviews on home security. I value their advice based on personal experience, and unbiased reviews.

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You can find a range of reviews on identity theft protection plans on this review-based site. Some review posts are segregated by usage type, such as the top protection plans for business professionals, seniors, and students. - intmed


This site contains reviews on various technology products and services, including many different identity theft protection plans. Their extensive experience and high reputation make it easy to divest through all the important and less essential details to find the best-valued plan for you. - intmed


This Top Ten site features in-depth reviews on the top identity theft protection companies, with plan comparisons, feature-based ratings, ranking charts, and more. - intmed

Helps consumers find the top identity theft protection services in the industry and provides honest reviews for each industry leading identity theft protection company and their wide array of services and features. Rated one of the best identity theft review companies in the nation.

I found this today on here, checked them out. The reviews are very clear and helpful. There's a lot of information I didn't know for example about LifeLock on here. Definitely a must use.

Best review site on identity theft protection plans I've seen so far.

Great website and great information! Thanks for the help. - poweroflearning


This site offers full reviews on identity theft protection companies and also has a helpful plan comparison table. - intmed

Assists consumers in finding the best identity theft protection service in the industry. Their staff has taken the time to investigate, review and rate the top identity theft protection products and features in the industry today.

Great information on this site. Very helpful.

Good site. Good information. Good suggestions.

Pretty decent as well.

About is a site that discusses an endless range of subjects, including various identity theft protection plan reviews and comparisons. - intmed

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Each of the previous sites highlight the most-trusted providers, but uncertain readers can find further confirmation through reviews posted on the company's Better Business Bureau page. - intmed

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