Websites Kids Shouldn't Be On

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21 Omegle

Omegle is awful, it's half perverted guys flashing. - stormyskies

I agree with you stormy :D

22 Urban Dictionary

This is the WORST dictionary website I've ever come across.

There probably not going to be one definition of a word that has something porn related.

This dictionary is hilarious!

Very bad dictionary. People cuss, give false definitions, write perverted things, troll etc. Anytime the person who writes the definition hates something then they give it a bad definition, like "It sucks." or "The person/creator is a **** with no life.". It's basically Facebook with a dictionary added to it. You're better off going to or
The only thing it's good for is to search up slang, but I strongly reccomend that you don't use it for basic words. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

23 Bestgore

People post graphic images and videos on here. Just click on that cute little innocent puppy to leave the site. - Croy987

24 LiveLeak
25 Yahoo
26 McLeodGaming
27 The Huffington Post
28 Wikipedia

There are explicit images on there, but it does help for homework.

It's dependent on what article you go on, it's variable.

I'm glad that UK blocked the Wikipedia on 2008. It was an inappropiate image of Virgin Killer.

29 Bong Chong Ghost Comic
30 Tengaged

In fact, nobody should be on here. Yet, I still am. (God knows why. )

31 TopTens

What is top tens? It was TheTopTens last time I checked...

How would kids be able to read this list then? It's Irony! - Neonco31

Top Tens can be really dirty... with all those disgusting porn comments. But little kids 9 and under aren't on here. So its ok.

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32 The Onion
33 Encyclopedia Dramatica
34 YouTube Poop Sites

Kids are too young to understand them.

35 Sickipedia
36 deviantART deviantART

That's because of those perverted drawings of characters you'll find on there. It's just... UGGGHH! It makes me cringe with fear and horror just thinking about them! They're not even sexy.

The adventure time fanart on deviantart makes me cringe with disgust!

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37 Ratemypoo
38 Plane Crash Recordings
39 Scary Maze Game
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