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YouTube is a global video-sharing website headquartered in San Bruno, California, United States. The service was created by three former PayPal employees in February 2005. In November 2006, it was bought by Google for US$1.65 billion.


Back in 2006-2010, YouTube was a place where everyone had fun, making hilarious viral videos, such as Sneezing Panda, Charlie Bit My Finger, or Nyan Cat. YouTubers were committed to entertaining their fans.
However, after several crappy updates (which made use much harder, and added more damn ads), videos really started going downhill. All we're seeing now is bland humor, or another unfunny prank video. Then, there's the people that only post videos for the money and are too serious with copyright issues that they outright trademark a word *cough* *cough* Fine Bros Entertainment. - ethanmeinster

YouTube, the greatest and most popular site of all time, is going downhill to extremes like no other, it used to have such great videos, each star was so unique and talented, especially Fred (although some of you guys hate him so much because of his edited voice), but now, they're so unoriginal and are now making stupid "videos" that mean nothing but make fun of sex, like porn, it's nothing but trash nowadays, YouTube used to be so good, but now it's cr@p, It's useless now, and that was ever since after the middle of 2014 (if you saw related comments somewhere else on here), and the "stars" are being big fat losers, who do nothing but gain more viewers by posting sex tapes and drug videos, along with food messes and junk "jokes".
YouTube has lost its quality so much that it's practically impossible to go on now, it went WAY downhill like you could never imagine. - nelsonerica

There's no hope on ever going back on YouTube, there are so many sexual and alcoholic videos, they're too graphic and disgusting, and even the most iconic stars who made such great videos, Nigahiga, Smosh, Fred, have all messed up and became disasters on the media, they aren't original anymore, and neither is YouTube, YouTube is SUCH A PILE OF GARBAGE now.

YouTube is so stupid now, it relies mainly on sex, drugs and greed, and yet it almost always complains about non copyrighted videos being copyright, Plus many of the videos the people are making and uploading are copyrighted, they should get sued, YouTube sucks now.

And the people in the comments section are so disrespectful and are full of trolls. And yes, almost all of YouTube is about sex and greed! Also, go to any Sword Art Online-related video, you see a lot of people in the comments section talking smack about the anime, author, and the fans. So it's not just YouTube that's gone downhill, but now how many YouTubers are bad and can't respect opinions. Why does YouTube have to be about sex and greed? - ModernSpongeBobSucks

YouTube has lost it's hope, there aren't any good videos anymore, besides the Fred throwback videos in his personal channel, but those only appear in the holidays, and started since December 27, last year.

That's nothing, YouTube needs to get back up, and the people need to change their attitude and clean up, Money isn't always important.

People hare are getting right for once, YouTube was once great to go on, but now it's repetitive and nasty, stupid pranks, reactions, games and most of all, porn.

People like to show their bodies and talk about them to get more viewers and make money.

YouTube doesn't give a whatever to anyone anymore because those people think life is all about them and money, and that the world only revolves around them.

Even the best YouTubers and videos are gone and replaced with the worst things in the world.

YouTube is just one hopless waste to society and so many sites like DeviantArt went downhill, and so has YouTube, YouTube went REALLY downhill.

YouTube is approaching its reckoning. Once a website with few ads, very accessible, the downfall began around 2012 when they tried to force Google+, a website nobody uses or has even heard of in order to comment on a video. Now in 2015 and 2016, they are shutting down creator's channels for no reason, aren't fixing the 'React' disease that has plague the site which is basically people staring blankly at OTHER PEOPLE'S intellectual property without asking permission, and they are making millions. YouTube is also allowing the FineBros to still exist. FIX THIS Google!

YouTube has to be #1, because it's the worst site to go on now, it has lost it's quality since it started focusing more on money rather than entertaining it's fans, it's not even right to have YouTube stars do such horrible things to others, and try to make money by doing that stuff, YouTube is garbage now.

The worst site ever to go on, it has everything that could harm a person, drugs, violence, porn, cussing, graphic images/content, think of more.

YouTube was once a great place, now it sucks, and this was ever since August 28, 2014.

YouTube was such a good site to go on before, but then in 2014, it turned into a gross, fetish, violent and drugged site, Each person nowadays is making these awful videos for the money, they don't trust their fans anymore, they don't know how to behave or become aware of the troubles they might face.
It was so good until 2014, and that's when it went downhill, Please get this to No. 1.

YouTube was a great site where you could be entertained, share with others, and download videos for free safely, while you can still do that, there aren't good videos anymore, and the people making them nowadays are selfish idiots.

Nothing can get worse than YouTube nowadays, until it gets discontinued and out of business very soon, with the way they're going, they make us want to kiss ISIS on the mouth and get killed, YouTube is bad now.

YouTube is so greedy now, they only want more money than fans words, they can put in whatever they want to put in, such as sex, drugs and violence, it sucks so much now that it makes Satan seem like a genius.

YouTube history:

2005-2013 Great and useful treasure.

2014-present Extremely awful porn and drug site.

YouTube has really messed up too much, it's time to go and focus more on ISIS and Facebook.

I want to watch "Scare Pewdiepie" but I can't without YouTube Red, not everything is about money but everyone makes it that way

What a day when the internet was so great back then with the good YouTube, now it's completely horrifying that YouTube is only relying on money and sex, Nobody has taste anymore, and even the best stars are doing those terribly disgusting things.

YouTube HAS to be number one, it was number one on here before, but no one else listened or read properly, YouTube focuses more on sex and greed these days than everything else, YouTube HAS to be ONE!

YouTube 2005-2013, a great site of almost endless and funny entertainment, 2014-present, a nearly perfect pornographic site to go on, YouTube sucks now.

YouTube HAS gone downhill SO MUCH! YouTube doesn't realize that stars are doing all of those sexual and violent things just for money, they don't care about their fans anymore, not even the original ones we had back then.

Also, there are people who flag inappropriate videos, but there aren't enough people these days flagging them, because people have become so grown to that kind of stuff, those "jokes" aren't funny, We're watching you guys Shane Dawson, PewDiePie, Drew Monson, Sam Pepper, Tyler Oakley, Onision, Joey Graceffa, Lohanthony, Trisha Paytas, you name more...

Those kinds of stars are doing that kind of stuff for money, that's prostitutuin, and they can get sued and even arrested, YouTube has gone so downhill.

There's no site worse nowadays than YouTube, MySpace is awful nowadays, but at least it hasn't gotten as awful as YouTube has gotten, even Facebook and Twitter are better.

It's a bunch of crap now, YouTube used to be so good, but it sucks now, it's getting too sexual, and the people are greedy.

Back in 2009 There's this video where Charlie bit a poor kids finger now there's just porno, rubbishy and other sorts

I'd rather get bullied on Facebook and shot by ISIS than go on YouTube watching those recently NASTY VIDEOS!

Every single Sword Art Online video is full of disrespectful comment users in the comments section! Those haters need to respect opinions and shut up! - ModernSpongeBobSucks