Top Ten Websites With the Worst Communities


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21 Sploder

I was on it back in 2010-12. While I was pretty annoying and immature, the people there were intolerant bullies themselves. - drdevil

22 FurAffinity

They are furries. Need I say more? - izayaorihara

All of those bunch of furries act like a typical 5 years old or 16 year old hookers where they have no common sense, all they do just use these "kawaii desu cat emoticons" and other hand role-play diaper fetish, and just don't bother turn NSFW mode, you will have some terrible time. - Stallion

23 Wikipedia

For the most part, the Wikipedia community is helpful and friendly. It's just very intolerant towards vandalism (for the right reasons) and users who try to create articles for the wrong reasons. It's simply an encyclopedia, built solely by people like you and me.


Lip Syncig - Lunala

25 Rateyourmusic

Great site where you can find true patrician music. - djpenquin999

Very annoying and damn overrated site. The admins requested me remove my firewall to keep my account and then ban me for not removing my firewall so I just block them across my firewall. - jack2244

26 Steam
27 Yahoo! Answers
28 Wakfu
29 Animal Jam
30 Pixiv
31 Google+
34 iFunny iFunny
35 The Mugen Archive
36 NeoGAF
37 eBaumsWorld
38 Toonator

There’s a 16 year old girl who ships herself with a 10 year old boy on this website. Borderline pedophillia - Lunala

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