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Google is an American multinational technology company specializing in Internet-related services and products. These include online advertising technologies, search, cloud computing, and software.


Everybody uses the handy website Google. It's a useful searching tool that provides info for nearly everything. You can use it verbally or physically and you can access it on any electronic/device. Google is always used to go to websites that people don't know the names of and it's a great researching tool even though there's a slim chance it might give you wrong information. It's up to date on news on sports, celebrities, etc and it provides pictures along with your search. Google, you're a wonder! - davakoh

Google is not a website. It is the internet. Not literally, but it shows to be that way. Google is not a thing it is a standard. Whenever you want to know anything in the world, see anything in the world, hear anything in the world, show anything in the world, do anything in the world, go to any other website in the world, you go to Google. Everything spawns from Google. It should be #1, because YouTube is a form of Google. So Google is a superpower, a God practically compared to anything else. - blakematthew.tompkins

It is really tough for me to decide between Google, YouTube, Wikipedia, Facebook etc on all of which I am so much dependent for my everyday work. But I choose Google because, I primarily use Google as Search Engine, GMail as my personal Email account, I got the information about Wikipedia through Google Search, and I also got information about YouTube from Google Search (which again a concern of Google itself). So, in my view, Google is the Best of all the Bests I like.

Google is really awesome. Nobody tells us to search it in TheTopTens, youtube or Facebook if we have a question. It gives us a lot of information. Google leads us to all of the websites. It is very useful. Sure, Wikipedia also gives us information, but who led us to it? Google, of course. I love the others too, but I love Google the best. This pretty much explains why I definitely love Google.

It was hard for me to pick between Google and YouTube. They both are really great. But still, YouTube wouldn't be as good as it is without Google... so I guess that Google was the right choice! GO Google! Plus it's the most famous search engine ever. Nobody says go "yahoo it" "bing it"... they say "Google it! " - BenBabylon123

Google is known by almost every single person who owns a computer. It is extremely handy and is a great search engine. You type pretty much anything you need to find into the search bar, and, poof, it's there in only a few second! Whenever you can't find anything, remember two words. Google it! - gymnast82

Google is great and helps me find all my needs that's why I really love it. They have app games gmail images maps news and videos. I really don't think youtube is number one. It's some bad things up there that I hate to see. So my opinion and fact Google is number one.

Alphabets first asset was Google, meaning without the money Alphabet earned from Google's advertisement economy, they would never have been able to buy Youtube. Youtube wouldn't be able to grow as much without the large budget that Google had.

On Google you can go to lots of websites by typing in. The best thing about it is at the top it has search, images, maps, play, YouTube, news, gmail, drive, calender and more. I find it very useful and one of the best things ever since computers got invented!

There is no internet without Google. 99.9% of my time online is within Google domains. Be it emails, cloud sharing, blogging, social networking, my whole photo albums in my phone, Google has them all. Google knows more about me than my parents ever could.

I love Google! I wanna work for them. Runescape should definitely not be #8. I is so nerdy in a World of Warcraft kind of way. Doctor Who and omputer nerds are okay. But Wow and Star Trek is not. - thedoctor

GOOGLE OWNS! cause if it wasnt for google it would be hard to find are other favorite websites like youtube, face book, twitter andlast but no least toptenslists! - theTwister

You cannot say that YouTube is the best. Because before you search YouTube, you've gotta search it in Google but if you want to search YouTube for Google, man, I bet you'll never get it in your whole life. Apart from entering the link I mean.

For me, the internet starts with Google... And with all of its cool services, Chrome, Youtube, and a clean interface, Google is the "traveller's guide to the internet".
Don't search it, but, as they say, Google it!

It was a close choice between this and YouTube, but here's the thing. Google NOW OWNS YouTube! Meaning that if you can access Google you can access not only near infinite knowledge but also near infinite entertainment. And remember kids all sights are connected to Google.

P.S. Admit it, the little games they have on the logo during special days are really fun.

Youtube is incredible but it would take forever to find without google. Many thanks to google. P.S The top tens is great but only a huge suckup would put it up - PinkLemonade

Without Google, Man wouldn't exist. We would go crazy trying to find something out and our heads would explode from frustration. Google is a life saver. - Winddancer

Google rules - Fast searching. Excellent services i. e. analytics, adsense, adwords, map, earth. Keep it going Google1 - eddie

Google is Epic! When you wanna find out something you say Google it, not YouTube! And come on you found out about YouTube from Google obviously! Google made assignments and school work easier for us..

Google is the door to the big wide world. Through one very simple yet complex site, you can access the whole internet. It has lovely interface too. Google should be number one.

No! It can't be number 2! It needs to be number 1! It's my favorite website of all time, because you can look up anything you want, and you don't even get in trouble or kicked off! Put it at Number 1 right now!

Google is great you can go on YouTube from Google. When your on Google the world is at your command. Google is the best website ever by far. - macrox16

Without Google, YouTube wouldn't even exist. this is why YouTube uses Google to work. on Google, you can search up anything even YouTube! Come on, Google should be king of this list!

I can do all the work I need on Google, especially do my homework on my Google account. I can even look up anything I need to. Google is way better than any other common website that I have heard of!

Been my homepage forever. And everything they do is gold. Google Earth, maps, gmail, videos... they're the best - VADERtheIMPALER