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321 Anti Joke

Best site ever. Its got the best 'jokes' and it always seems to make my day. Anti joke is defiantly the best. - tubberly

322 Discogs

Great place for finding and organizing music

323 WhoSampled
324 Encyclopedia Dramatica

The person who put this on here has no life

This gave me a virus. Don't go here

This website is horrible. - Powerfulgirl10


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325 Fantage
326 TinierMe
327 Webkinz
328 Ninja Kiwi

Come on. Who hates bloons tower defense. Nobody! You can't! - tubberly

Why is this not in the top tens! you need to vote for ninja kiwi! - Minecraftisawesone


Go there and you'll understand why it should be on the top ten list.

331 Weavesilk

Very creative and it makes a fantastic wallpaper and you could spend hours on it just moving your mouse around and seeing how cool it is. - Blubby1804

332 Poptropica

Why is it so ow on the list? I mean youtube is number 1. This and youtube should switch places. Anyway, poptropica is fun. You explore and compete. Guess what? You can make friends. So please make it go higher. Tthanks! Love ya all!

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333 Tubidy

Videos, music, etc it has it all, you are bound to find whatever you are looking for here

334 Verpri
335 Quibblo

The best ever! You can make quizzes, socialize, laugh, write stories and all people there are kind!

336 Moshi Monsters

I am OUTRAGED. owowowowow HOW DARE YOU DO THIS! However outraged I am, it is not my name. My name is in fact STEVE JOBS. Yes, that Steve Jobs. Moshi monsters is my favourite website ever! NOW UPVOTE ITT

337 ourWorld
338 TrueAchievements

Best website ever for Xbox gamers. I've met many friendly people there

339 Who Would Win In a Fight?

My favorite website is this, or TheTopTens, but this deserves to be higher!

340 Kick Ass Torrents V 1 Comment
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