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41 Scratch

I used to go on this website all the time. While I haven't posted anything in over a year, I still go there once or twice a month to play this one game I really liked. The website does have many flaws, however. Something that my 11 year old brain didn't notice was the people on the site. 90% of users are some of the worst people online. They can't respect opinions, hate on small inexperienced users, etc. Also, the team on there is never active on the website. I've messaged them about 10 times with problems I had, and they NEVER replied. I refuse to post anything on there anymore and I refuse to go on the website more than once a week so I can avoid the drama queens on the website. Sorry Scratch, my 11 year old self loved you, but my 13 year old self realizes your flaws and the people on the website. It's not you, it's me. But no, it's mostly you, - JamesBourne

NO WAY. Horrible website. FNAF games are banned. Bullies. Religious projects that start fights. Must die in a hole, burnt and then thrown down a hole again

The communty is scary - Lunala

NEVER. Stupid bans, takes forever to get unbanned, ST never replies, opinion disrespectors, SUCKS SO HARD. - thisisaveryrandomusername88

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42 Spotify

Best website ever! You can listen to millions of songs for free, or spend $8 a month and get more songs add free. I listen to all my music with Spotify. I couldn't imagine picking something else if I could only use one website ever again.

43 Stripcreator

Wait, what's this site again? - ChibiDaFox

44 TV Tropes

One of the most brilliant sites on the Web. And it'll kill you if you spend too much time on it.

This site praises the worst adventure time fanfiction ever!

Love it - Lunala

Addictive. - The01Bro

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45 Hotmail
46 Grooveshark

I was listening on grooveshark when I voted! cool site

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47 Newgrounds is an American entertainment and social media website and company. Founded on July 6, 1995, by Tom Fulp, the site presently hosts games, movies, audio and artwork in four respective hubs, or Portals.

This website is magical to me because it is perfect for being known, having your work being appreciated, communicating views and collaborating in projects. It all works in harmony and the ''minimum rating'' system for video posting is a purely wonderful, preventing bad stuff from being posted, which makes the selection of videos and browsing through them a refreshing pleasure that's uniform through and through. There's the work of talents and masters on there, only and only. No poop to be found. - PinkflASHES

Not my #1, but WAY too low. This website inspired everyone and their mother to buy flash and make games and movies (as well as other endeavours which weren't quite as successful) and 15 years later is still just as popular as it was in its' heyday.

It was super important to many things on the internet but it's a lot less popular now.

They make amazing games like riddle school - Lunala

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48 BBC

They have news - Lunala

49 List Challenges
50 Listentoyoutube

Come visit this wonderful site. It's like a family, full of warmth and love; We are kept up to date with Greg's latest gigs and his life and interests and more importantly, he comes onto the site regularly himself and leaves remarks or comes into the chatroom. It's a lovely place! - Gail

Please come and look at gregs website it is so amazingly run by a few people, and a man in canada started it its a very good and well thought out site lol - lintel2

Worth a visit. Come and take a look! We're a great international community with a lovely chat room to meet up and make new friends!

Please join website news all the time - lintel2

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52 Urban Dictionary

This is where you go when what you need to know isn't in a dictionary

99% of the entries are defined as obscure sex acts - Lunala

You should go there it's hilarious!

Lol I love it


What, haven't heard of

54 Lingq
55 Fliptext
56 Fanpop

Most of it's users are so nice.

This website is so fun!

57 Archive Of Our Own

This is one of my favorite websites ever. I write my stories there! - MeeMeeCandy777

58 MAD Internet

Voted on the worlds most known website list - OfficialWebsiteLists

Great Website. Can't wait for there website builder

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59 avast!
60 Animal Jam

Oh god no, this site is for people who wants have aids and new type of disease, good lord, no one needs to play this unbearable piece of trash of a game. - Stallion

It's a good one

Was ok but going downhill. Differences between old players and new players are getting too big, members are getting more and more features and AJHQ is taking away more and more priviledges from nonmembers. - Silverfroststorm

AJ sucks. I tried playing but felt unwelcome. You can only be accepted into this abyssmal hellhole of 12 year old Warriors fangirls if you
- Play as an Arctic Wolf
- Have a Membership
- Own “rares” such as “spikes.”

Was originally a good educational-but-fun game for children but got taken over by insane, rabid Warriors fangirls ready to devour your soul if you are a non-member or whatever - Lunala

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