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82 Google Translate

Incredibly flawed, but also incredibly useful, especially when the word you're looking for is on the tip of your tongue, but you just can't get to it and happen to know it in another language. Good combination with Thesaurus. - Maplestrip

Some languages are not bad, but not good either, like French. But when you try translating to or from less common totally morphs their meaning.

Yes Google Translate, 'i'm eating lunch on the airplane right now' definitely translates into 'I'm eating airplanes on my lunch now'. - Silverfroststorm

83 Fanpop

Most of it's users are so nice.

This website is so fun!

84 The Sims 3
85 MyAnimeList
86 Metacritic
87 Billboard
89 Evolutionfacts
90 Kick*
91 Wikimapia
92 PornHub

Bro, easily the best of the best. Look at all the features

Best Christian website ever, visited everyday to come "closer" to God. - StephanTheIdiot

Should be higher up. - Zplatter360

This is the actual best. A great place for Christians to share their love. - The01Bro

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94 DVD Beaver
95 Top 100 Movie Lists
96 Wookieepedia
97 97 Rock
99 Jetpunk.Com

The official website of the best band in the world. What could be better than a website all about Linkin Park? Nothing. - lukestheman4

Best place on the web for Linkin Park fans..
And there's no doubt that almost half the world love this band..
Love you chestiB!

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