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YouTube is a global video-sharing website headquartered in San Bruno, California, United States. The service was created by three former PayPal employees in February 2005. In November 2006, it was bought by Google for US$1.65 billion.


Youtube was one of the best websites of all time since 2005. I don't know where to start when I first time seeing Youtube and it's much memorable. Old Youtube was like a utopian, peaceful forest where nature lived but sadly some the cruel lumber company (+Google) with other landlords (Pewds, Smosh, and currently Logan Paul and Jake Paul) were destroying those poor little trees and nowadays Youtube was now a New York City-type of uh... city with a dystopian tone full of dark sides and light sides. And the community continue to live and some rude people in the comments acted like a bunch of greedy social class. And Youtube was once a little forest village but now a chaotic city full of terribles. And +Google was now a cruel slave house. I hope +Google will leave Youtube alone in the future.

Awesome website! There is something for everyone on youtube! I seriously love it and have not gone a day without watching youtube. One bad thing about this website is the adverts, you literally cont watch a video without adds popping up. Another bad thing is that anyone can post a video so there can be some graphic, inappropriate videos. You also need to be careful about posting your own videos as there are people that may try and get in contact with you. Overall, a great website/app

YouTube is love.
YouTube is life.
YouTube is god.
YouTube is a friend.
YouTube is a lover.
YouTube is a shoulder to cry on.
YouTube is a legend.
YouTube is what keeps the planet spinning.
YouTube is culture.
YouTube is entertainment.
YouTube is what keeps our hearts beating, blood pumping, and our minds interlocking.
YouTube is me.
YouTube is you.
YouTube is everything.

(Sniff) It's so beautiful!

IT was once a great site, but now, it's turning into a big piece of trash, the stars are doing illegal stuff, like posting sex tapes, copyrighting, and stealing, they have no life anymore whatsoever, YouTube has totally went downhill.

This USED to be the best website of all time, but ever since late 2013, it has become PURE CRAP! It's nothing and no longer like it used to be, it was such a fun site to go on back then, but now, it's about sexual stars talking about sex and toilet stuff, the "challenges" are PURE CRAP!
YouTube has REALLY gone downhill, even more so than Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat COMBINED!

YouTube, which was once great, is now stupid and contains idiots doing some of the stupidest things imaginable.
It's not even suitable for any age anymore, people are making bad choices and only trying real hard to get things their own way, they don't care about there fans anymore.

RIP YouTube 2005-2013.

YouTube is dying. It used to be funny but now it's just annoying. For example, the old try not to laugh challenges were funny. But thanks to vine, now they are all just annoying vines that everyone has seen a million times.

It USED to be so great, but now it's more about porn and that kind of stuff, people need to learn how to make more original ideas, otherwise, YouTube is dead forever.

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, YouTube used to be a friendly place of cool videos and channels. Everybody was happy about this new website where they could post and watch videos. But, one dark day, the evil Stupid Witch cast her Stupid Video powers over YouTube, making it a place of disgust, mean comments, and incredibly Stupid Videos.
The End.

YouTube was so great back then, but now people talk about sex and cuss too much, and they make that stuff just for more views and money, YouTube is dead.

When I was young I used to see Youtube as a huge site and not a friendly community. A few years later I realized that Youtube was a friendly and smaller community, where you tubers got along with each other. Youtube can change lives as far as I know.

It's so annoyingly addictive; I had to eliminate it for my sociology experiment to test how bad of withdrawals I would get it if technology wasn't here. It's killing me.

And now, it's stupid, because of too much sex and garbage, What a waste of life. - nelsonerica

Awesome website, entertainment, lifestyle, and very additive of video-sharing of bring to Music Videos, Gaming, Fail Compilations, Vine Compilations, Funny Videos, Funny Pets. It brings to the world of Video-Sharing! YouTube, YOU ROCK! - BurnAux

Some people use YouTube the wrong way. It was made for comedy, not for education, religion, and other things (not that I have a problem with those things). They do it because there are a lot of people on YouTube, and they can get noticed. - Caleb9000

Now it's used more to talk about sex than anything else, the comedy is gone forever, and now they make fun too much of sex, RIP Good YouTube 2005-2014. - nelsonerica

It sucks now, YouTube was good from 2005 to 2013-14, now it's just a bunch of trash, it's nothing but sex and drugs, along with poop and puke, it needs to change back to good.

This is one of the BEST websites I have ever visited. Me, I mainly go on it to listen to MUSIC, but at least I go to it, and for real, it is one of the best websites I have ever been to, if not the BEST! - KingKongCage

YouTube is now getting to be more about porn and sex and money than it is about anything else, people are tasteless and stupid, YouTube needs to be treated better.

YouTube is great! You get to watch anything you want if you have nothing to do at home! I really love YouTube, it's the best video website. I have been watching videos on YouTube since 2013 and I loved it ever since.

YouTube is amazing! You can see videos you couldn't see anywhere else and listen to music. It's the best!

It's so disgusting that we get to see YouTube, our once greatest site, turn into crap, needless to say.

We miss the good YouTube.

Always been my go-to website/app for my fix of entertainment. From listening to my favorite music videos to watching some hilarious clips, YouTube has and always will be my favorite website ever. - Spkycactus011

Everyone I know uses youtube if you don't know what youtube is then where have you been living all this time. They have like every video you could possibly want

That was the past 2005-2013 YouTube, 2014 to present YouTube isn't like that at all anymore, it's now about too much sexual jokes and stuff, Please stay away from YouTube at all costs, thanks. - nelsonerica

There's nothing but crap and poop, it's not funny or entertaining anymore, we lost a good site, now we have porn.

It certainly is the best. I go to it almost every time I use the internet. Although it is true that they need to be careful with how much advertising they do.

The advertising isn't the main problem anymore, now it's more about sex, people talk about it too much and make these weird "jokes" and "challenges", What happened? YouTube isn't good anymore because society has messed up so much. - nelsonerica

It's so horrible to see such a good site fall away into being a bad tasteless site about money and sex.

You can spend hours watching any video, can't find the video? , make it. Thats why youtube is so great, brilliant layout, and a really good variety of videos there too. - PotBellyPup