Best Weezer Closing Tracks


The Top Ten

1 Only in Dreams

Classic, easily one of Weezer top 5 songs - Pato_cargo

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2 The Futurescope Trilogy

I remember hearing this for the first time... and I can't even man

It was between this one and Only in Dreams, although I love this one I think Only in Dreams deserved the first spot, this one doesn't get behind, is a big closer track from a great album - Pato_cargo

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3 The Angel and the One

Probably one of Weezer most underrated songs, and one of the most beautiful ones that they have made - Pato_cargo

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4 Butterfly

Personally, Pinkerton is my favorite album by them, however for how flawless it is, Butterfly alone is a good track, although not as big of a closer as the other three songs above are - Pato_cargo

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5 Haunt You Every Day

The same with the Angel and the One, maybe is not as good as The Angel and the One but is by far the best song from Make Believe, and a way to close an album - Pato_cargo

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6 December

I will never understand why people forgot Maladroit, is a great album and sadly it doesn't gets as recognized as Blue, Pinkerton or even White, December might not be the best track of it but just as almost every Weezer closer, it manage it's own way to close the album in a good note - Pato_cargo

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7 Endless Bummer

White easily comes into Weezer's top 5 albums, Endless Bummer is like December, maybe isn't the best but closes the album in a satisfactory way - Pato_cargo

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8 O Girlfriend

Probably the first time Weezer make a pretty mediocre closer, the song is not bad but as a closer it isn't as satisfying or memorable as Only in Dreams or The Trilogy - Pato_cargo

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9 I Don't Want to Let You Go

The song is not bad but not great neither, is pretty average, although it was good move from Weezer to end Crapitude with one of the least awful tracks from this snoozefest - Pato_cargo

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10 Time Flies

Maybe not the worst Weezer song but a pretty odd one, amazingly distortioned and awfully produced, I always have say that Hurley is underrated but this song wasn't the best way to end it, specially because after this one comes Ain't Got Nobody which feels like a big return to form, personally I would put The Angel and the One as the closer for this album (although it does an excellent work in red too) the song even fits with the album aesthetic - Pato_cargo

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