Top Ten Weezer Songs that Deserve More Attention

This list is about Weezer songs that in my opinion, needs more love from all Weezer fans. This isn't an underrated songs list per se, but rather a list of songs that most casual Weezer fans do not know. If you know a song that not many people know about, make sure to add it onto the list. This list is for the hardcore Weezer fans. No offense to the casual fans, but there are plenty of songs you should check out on this list. Enjoy!

The Top Ten

1 American Gigolo American Gigolo

This song grew on me IMMENSELY. The catchy yet hectic guitar riff in the beginning perfectly sets the tone for this album. The chorus and bridge are badass, because they are a perfect storm of heavy metal and the good ol' Weezer sound that we all love. Overall, I highly recommend this song if you like Weezer's heavier stuff. - Pony

2 The Other Way The Other Way

In my opinion, Make Believe gets too much hate. Sure, it's far from their best, but even this album has some decent songs. This is one of them. I can relate to this song a lot, and it's because I can be very shy around people. In fact, many autistic people, like me, don't like looking most people in the eye. Hence, it's one of the most relatable songs I ever heard. Oh, and the song is catchy and fun! - Pony

3 Cold Dark World Cold Dark World

Another song from another hated album! This time, Scott Shriner sings this song, and it's awesome. The song gives off this somewhat creepy vibe, and yet ironically the lyrics are nearly opposite of the tone. Scott himself does a surprisingly good job on vocals; it's a little corny but still fun to listen to. For all the experimentation present in this album, they did a really good job here. - Pony

4 Knockdown Drag Out

Remember when I said that "The Other Way" was very catchy? This song is probably one of the catchiest Weezer songs in existence, and that's saying a lot. The guitar solo is great, and Rivers is superb on vocals. It's one of those songs that's impossible to hate. - Pony

5 I Just Threw Out the Love of My Dreams

I mentioned in another list on how I love this song. In my opinion, it is Weezer's best B-side. The female vocals are an excellent touch, the synthesizer is amazing, and the guitars are great. If you're wondering why this sounds space-y, then that's because it was supposed to be on Songs From The Black Hole, the cancelled Weezer album. At least this song survived and became a b-side! - Pony

6 You Gave Your Love to Me Softly

Another awesome Pinkerton-era B-side. It's hardly two minutes and manages to be one of Weezer's most intense songs. This song really shows Weezer's ability to make heavy, badass songs, as the riffs are pure ear candy. Plus, Rivers does a great job on vocals. Overall, an excellent tune. - Pony

7 Simple Pages

One of the Green Album's deeper cuts, it is yet another catchy Weezer gem. Rivers is the best part of the song; his singing is catchy as all hell. In fact, I guarantee that this song will get stuck in your head for at least two weeks. The guitars are heavy and loud, and they are also great. It's just another early 00's Weezer song, but this song might become a new favorite. - Pony

8 Eulogy for a Rock Band

The opening riff to this song is awesome! EWBAITE was the comeback album that many Weezer fans prayed for, and this song did not disappoint, along with the other songs on the album. It can be interpreted as Weezer's view on their fall from grace (Such as the lines "15 years of ruling the world"); however I can't confirm this. It's got a rocking vibe, and the chorus is great. What a great song! - Pony

9 Jacked Up

This song sounds like something from Rocky. It's got that swaggering beat, and a never-give-up vibe, especially with that persistent piano vibe. Rivers sounds confident as hell on this song, and the drums are great too. The song is the penultimate song of this album, and in my opinion, it's one of the best. - Pony

10 December

The drum line at the beginning may bring back memories of Beverly Hills, but fear not! This song has catchy, Beatles-esque vocals and great guitar work from Rivers and Brian. The final song of Maladroit, it's a sweet song that definitely deserves more attention. - Pony

The Contenders

11 The Angel and the One
12 I've Had It Up to Here
13 Trainwrecks
14 Haunt You Every Day
15 O Girlfriend
16 Unspoken
17 Everybody Needs Salvation
18 Blast Off!
19 Superfriend
20 Tragic Girl
21 Burndt Jamb
22 Glorious Day
23 The Underdogs
24 This is Such a Pity
25 Time Flies
26 Byzantine
27 The Greatest Man that Ever Lived
28 Mexican Fender
29 Love Explosion
30 King
31 Tripping Down the Freeway
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