Top 10 Weird Al Yankovic Parodies that are Better Than the Original

The Top Ten Weird Al Yankovic Parodies that are Better Than the Original

1 White & Nerdy (Parody of Ridin' By Chamillionaire, feat. Krayzie Bone)

Definitely because it's a Chamillionaire song. Can I say anything else? - Swellow

It's very close, but I prefer the original. - ProPanda

2 Amish Paradise (Parody of Gangsta's Paradise By Coolio)

As much as I adore the parody, Gangsta's Paradise is one of the best rap songs ever made. - ProPanda

Rap sucks. Parody of it can only be better.

I like it, but I love Gangsta's Paradise - Martinglez

3 Ebay (Parody of I Want It That Way By the Backstreet Boys)
4 Like a Surgeon (Parody of Like a Virgin By Madonna)

Madonna has no talent. Yankovic does.

I prefer the original. - Swellow

5 Achy Breaky Song (Parody of Achy Breaky Heart By Billy Ray Cyrus)
6 I Lost On Jeopardy (Parody of Jeopardy By The Greg Kihn Band)
7 Canadian Idiot (Parody of American Idiot by Green Day)

One thing better than making fun of Americans? Making fun of Canadians! - ProPanda

8 Smells Like Nirvana (Parody of Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana)
9 Word Crimes (Parody of Blurred Lines By Robin Thicke)

Yo this one was lit. The parody I mean, not the song. - ProPanda

10 A Complicated Song (Parody of Complicated By Avril Lavigne)

The Contenders

11 I Can't Watch This (Parody of You Can't Touch This By M.C. Hammer)
12 Inactive (Parody of Radioactive By Imagine Dragons)
13 Tacky (Parody of Happy By Pharrell Williams)
14 The Saga Begins (Parody of American Pie)

As much as I love Weird Al, this is worse. - 445956

15 Party In the CIA (Parody of Party In the U.S.A. By Miley Cyrus)

As someone who liked the original, this was so much better. - ProPanda

16 Handy (Parody of Fancy By Iggy Azelea feat. Charli XCX)
17 Jurassic Park (Parody of MacArthur Park)

How come this wasn't used in any of the Jp movies yet?

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