Top Ten Weird But Hilariously Funny Things That Could Happen In the Charlie Charlie Game

The Top Ten Weird But Hilariously Funny Things That Could Happen In the Charlie Charlie Game

1 Get stuff being thrown at you with fruits, balls, tables and other sturdy material right in the face or depending how cheeky Charlie is, in the nuts.

This would be awesome - EpicJake


2 Charlie the Unicorn shows up, only to have his kidneys forcefully taken out by some desperately, hungry homeless guy.
3 The Ghostbusters theme song plays in as the crew crashes into your room to blast a vortex to suck Charlie in it but it accidentally sucks you
4 It won't work but in essence, everytime you ask Charlie if he's here, someone from your family or one of your friends dies of cardiac arrest.
5 Nothing.... Because the laws of physics will become non existent and simply put, in eighty years time, you'll get cast into stone and be put into a museum of trending fails.
6 Get a paper cut and get blamed on for being an accidental prone person.

Is the Charlie Charlie game harmless play, or is it summoning a Satanic spirit? - RockFashionista

7 The pencil floats around, rubs off the entire grid and just writes in "Can you please leave me the f*** alone and let me get on with my life? I have a wife and two kids that always wonder why I keep getting messages as if I got requests to bang everyone!"

I would then forcefully get the pencil and place it on the sign "NO" - Fandom_Lover

That's funny! If that happened I would be dying in laughter. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

8 You get teleported to a distant place of no food or water with only two pencils and a paper as your resources.

Yay! We could make Frankendoodle! - Turkeyasylum

9 Someone comes in your room who's coincidentally named Charlie, bites you in the finger to complete the tribute to the video of babies.

Haha. This one is good. - AnonymousChick

10 An unknown species teleports in to inform you about a future terrorist attack that was caused by Charlie and get a punch in the face for even playing the game.

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11 Charlie appears and if you scream, he kills you but if you don't you are safe
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