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161 Is actually female (Elh Melizee - Solatorobo)
162 Has no sense of humor (Gunter - Fire Emblem Fates)
163 Dislikes sweets more than anyone (Saizo - Fire Emblem Fates)
164 Has the worst nightmares (Takumi - Fire Emblem Fates)

Maybe not a weird or funny fact, but still a fact regardless. It's nice to know interesting facts or trivia on fictional characters. Helps you know more about them.

Poor Takumi... Oh well.

165 Happens to keep a diary illustrated with her own paintings (Kagero - Fire Emblem Fates)

And this is what makes her awesome. ^_^

166 Is presumably female but has male genitals (Shenzi - The Lion King)

I would not surprised if Shenzi happens to be trans. (Sorry for the word, but I saw some Lion King-related trivia that other day on how Shenzi was originally supposed to be a male character but didn't get the voice actor they wanted so the character was changed to female. I would not be surprised if Shenzi was born a male hyena that changed gender later in life)

Well, female spotted hyenas do have what is called a "pseudo penis" which they use to urinate, mate and give birth with. Do some research. This could be why male and female hyenas are kind of hard to tell apart sometimes unless you're an expert on animal biology.

Sorry for getting that thought into your head.

167 Combs his fur and has the best posture (Kaden - Fire Emblem Fates)

Plus, Kaden is my favorite character in Fire Emblem Fates.

168 Most likely to shout “Level up!” (Odin - Fire Emblem Fates)
169 May actually be the same person as Owain from Fire Emblem Awakening (Odin - Fire Emblem Fates)
170 Objectively loves tomatoes more than anyone else could. (Leo - Fire Emblem Fates)
171 Loves big bugs and round dust bunnies, but is the most distracted (Keaton - Fire Emblem Fates)
172 Is an avid otaku and gamer (Xiaomu - Namco X Capcom, various others)

This is one of the reasons I love Xiaomu so much.

173 Is over 700 years old (Xiaomu - Namco X Capcom)

Xiaomu is a 765 year old "Sage Fox" After all.

174 Threatens to spank or pinch you (Reiji Arisu - Namco X Capcom)
175 He's/She's/It's actually a little girl (Zonda "The Lustful Mirage")
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