Top Ten Weird Lists That Aren't on TheTopTens

The non existing lists that would make TopTens Weird and Awkward.

The Top Ten

1 Top Ten Reasons Why Stubbing Your Toe Is Too Holy To Be Non-Life Threatening

How is it not Life Threatning? - SuperHyperdude

I am so making this list - jmepa1234

2 Top Ten Fetuses Ever Eaten By TopTenners

Twenty so far. Delicious with Serrano Pepper Relish. - PositronWildhawk

Did you ever guys? - SuperHyperdude

3 Top Ten Chuck Norris Beat Downs of Bear Grylls
4 Top Ten Pictures of God Ever Taken

Interesting, lets hope it didn't contain gods chanting. - SuperHyperdude

5 Top Ten FIFA Game Packages That Contain EA's Secret

All right I shall Be the Chosen One - SuperHyperdude

6 Top Ten Fist Fights Ever
7 Top Ten Universes

That would really depend on how you define "universe". There's the many worlds theory, the string theory multiverse model, and the separate observable universes. - PositronWildhawk

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8 Top Ten Poops That You Should Take

I would just do it the way I want weirdo! - SuperHyperdude

9 Top Ten TopTenners With The Most Swagger
10 Top Ten Reasons Why A Donut Should Be A Prime Minister

And even if it did happened, it will always be a better prime minister than David Cameron - SuperHyperdude

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