Top Ten Weird New Year's Resolutions


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1 Shave The Head and Get Bald For Every Lie You Say

What is you lie before your hair grows back? Do you shave your scalp? Then skull? Then brain?

Girls, please don't take this resolution - paasadani

Well, that escalated rather quickly. - PositronWildhawk

Teacher: Where is your homework?
Me: I left it at home.
Teacher: *shaves my head*

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2 Visit McDonald's Everyday

Bad New Years resolution, that's all I can say - SilviaCat

I guess your resolution isn't weight loss... - Garythesnail

Change it to visit subway everyday because they have yummy and healthy foods

I would do this.

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3 Dig Forty Four Pits In The Backyard

"What are the pits for? "


And you don't even need a dogs help? - Nateawesomeness

If it is for one�'s enemies, 44 pits might not be enough

4 Fight Two Tigers With Your Hands Every Week

What the hell? I may be aggressive, but I would never do this

You wouldn't live to do it multiple weeks

Great way to bodybuild - Nateawesomeness

Wow. - Anton110

5 Destroy Your Video Game Consoles

NO! Video games are awesome you are very dumb if you do that

Heck yeah! I play league of Legends on the computer...

I'm not breaking something I spent $100 or more on. - Garythesnail

Yah, make sense...

Actually, no... no sense anyway... - Anton110

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6 Peel 60 Bananas Everyday

Great Idea, that's 21900 in one year, a lot of bananas and no sense... - Anton110

Well donkey kong won't be here luckily - Nateawesomeness

7 Quit Using Headphones

I don't think I would keep this resolution. - PositronWildhawk

Makes sense, actually. Headphones are huge sources of bacteria. - PeterG99

I NEED mine to survive my crazy Asian family!

8 Quit Wearing Orange Clothes

Orange you glad I didn't say... Black? - keycha1n

9 Gain Weight
10 Make A New Year's Resolution

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11 Going Out For Midnight Walking Everyday

Lol I do this on accident a lot. I should probably stop before I'm raped and murdered

12 Don't Forget To Build The Time Machine

Should help when it comes to homework. - Rocko

Take the Delorean! - Anton110

13 Quit Using Toothpastes

You would have yellow teeth

Fine if u want cavities then go ahead.

This gross👅(but the teeth are yellow)

14 Try to Eat More Deep-Fried Things
15 Shave The Weeknd's Hair

He won't know because he can't feel his face, remember?

I love his hair

16 Catch as Many Germs as Possible

This one is simply awful

17 Be The Mayor of Candyland
18 Play more Xbox 360

That's a good one... - Anton110

Play more Xbox 360

19 Get A Bacon Sandwich
20 Slap and/or Punch A Taco
21 Become a Belieber
22 Build A Wall
23 Stop Wearing Underwear
24 Start Hugging Fish
25 Netflix and Chill 24/7
26 Eat No Gherkins

I did this last year successfully. first ever new years resolution I completed

27 Kill all the Insolent ones
28 Rob a Bank
29 Kill Any Stray Animals
30 Shave a Bear
31 Lick a Doorknob Every Day
32 Stop Blinking
33 Hav BD Gramer and Spelin 2 the Point Wher Its HRD 2 Reed Ur Speling
34 Sell Your Poop
35 Waste All Your Money On Your Pet Rock
36 Have sex with a tattooed girl every second Thursday in the month

Amazing goal, Only for those who can live up the challange

37 Climb Mt. Everest for Every Time You Lose a Game or Are Punished
38 Eat Green Eggs and Ham
39 Spend The Day At Ulta Beauty
40 Quit TheTopTens

Never! You'll never get me to leave! (starts hyperventilating) - Rocko

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1. Shave The Head and Get Bald For Every Lie You Say
2. Try to Eat More Deep-Fried Things
3. Quit Using Toothpastes
1. Shave The Head and Get Bald For Every Lie You Say
2. Try to Eat More Deep-Fried Things
3. Catch as Many Germs as Possible
1. Shave The Head and Get Bald For Every Lie You Say
2. Dig Forty Four Pits In The Backyard
3. Visit McDonald's Everyday

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