Top Ten Weird Nicknames for Friends

these nicks are my friends ones but u guys are free to add weird nick names aswell.

The Top Ten

1 Duck-Fish

These really are some weird nicknames. - Powerfulgirl10

2 Hitler 2nd
3 Peanut Buy

Its meant to be peanut butt - leafstar

4 Penguin Chan
5 Fritz
6 Mop
7 Bucket

Who names some one that for a nickname
It's super creepy oh wait you're here leafy
Ugh I mean what a beautiful name
It's amazing like you
(I'm being scartastic it's actually creepy) - speed

8 Joseph the Child Launcher
9 Potato

I have a friend named Potato. She's fat and chubby, like a potato! - Goku02


10 Tiga

The Contenders

11 Short-round

This reminded me of Indiana Jones the second I read this. - nintendofan126

Don't touch anything. - BKAllmighty

12 Dumbass
13 Lame Guy
14 Chicken Legs
15 Dollar

Haha don't know why but I like this - Alexandr

One of my friends has this nickname. Her sisters are Yen and Shilling. Weird… - Goku02

16 Boots

Yeah I've met a person nicknamed Boots : P - Goku02

17 Dead Fish

I got this nickname for my dead fish eyes. - Undistinguished

18 Tummy Bummy

I wouldn't want that but I would love
Tummy bunny - speed

19 Fat

My nickname. I'm so thin that my brother called me so hoping that I would get fatter LOL - Goku02

20 Porcupine

My brother's nickname. He was named after his spiky hair. - Goku02

21 Bun Bow

One of my best friends. - Goku02

22 Triangle Face
23 Squirrel

A very common nickname in my country. - Goku02

24 Old Monkey

A grumpy guy in my class. - Goku02

25 Caterpillar

Uh my fourth grade teacher called me this… Dunno why… - Goku02

26 Rumpelstiltskin Rumpelstiltskin

Great name! - Goku02

27 Tomato
28 DapperPickle
29 Cringe
30 Drunk
31 Jelly Bean
32 One Legged
33 Twisted
34 Frog on the Corner

That's my nickname. I got the "frog" part because when I was at preschool I loved to jump around like a frog and for the "corner" part, because I love to lay on the floor on the corner of the classroom while daydreaming (don't ask) - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

35 Woody
36 Dog
37 Pig
38 Monkey
39 Toilet Bowl

It’s just, if they are pale, let them know -honeynose

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