Weird and Random Things to Think About When We're Over-Tired

It just occured to me that some pretty randon things pop into my head when I'm over tired.

The Top Ten

1 Bacon, Bacon... Everywhere!

Bacon rashers. I know! Who'd have thunked it? - Britgirl

2 Yellow Men

All talking at the same time... Maybe now would be the best time to see some nice person in a lovely white coat and a sympathetic smile... - Britgirl

Or yellow men in a yellow submarine.

3 Money Growing On Trees

I get this all the time! Gold loonies ($1 coins), growing into green $20s, turning into red $10s and falling to the ground, where they freeze into blue $5s. I wonder what it means... - PetSounds

4 Flying CDs, DVDs and Books

In my over-tired state, I have truly seen these fly around the room. , - Britgirl

5 A Jumbled Up Song
6 What's the Point of Bad Wigs?

Pretty random and indeed weird but it HAS crossed my mind when under the influence of insomnia - Britgirl

7 Needing Sleep

Often this pops into my head when I'm tired. Funny, that. , - Britgirl

8 French Kissing

I will spit on you!

9 Toilet Cubicles Without Doors

Gee, no thanks! Nobody wants to know what you do in there! - PositronWildhawk

10 Loud Random Words

Haha Yup I have not Volume Switch when I'm over tired or been drinking a lot! - Curti2594

So many words to choose, but which one should one use?
Weird! - Britgirl

The Contenders

11 Whether We Will Have Hover Boards by Next Year
12 Whether Giraffes Like the Color Purple
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