Top 10 Weird Things About Super Smash Bros.


The Top Ten

1 Master Fortress
2 Snake's Inclusion In Brawl
3 Captain Falcon Having a Gun In His Holster and Never Using It

Maybe he doesn't have ammo. I know that's a stupid theory, but is there any other reason!

4 Ganondorf Having a Sword and Generally Never Using It
5 All of the Characters Are Actually Toys
6 Feeding Equipment to Your Amiibo
7 Game & Watch Kirby
8 Villager's Pocket Move
9 Shulk's Sudden Change In Voice Intonation
10 Samus Dealing Weak Melee Damage

The Contenders

11 Duck Hunt's Creepily Human-Like Teeth
12 Mega Man's Moveset
13 Wario's Fart Attack
14 Samus and Zero Suit Samus Becoming Two Seperate Characters
15 Mr. Game & Watch's Attacks
16 Hanenbow
17 The DK Rap
18 Villager Being Able to Plant Trees Literally Anywhere
19 Villager's Perpetually Grinning Face
20 Wii Fit Trainer
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