Top Ten Weird Things That Happen When You're Sleep Deprived


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1 Hallucinations

One when time I was trying to stay up all night, I looked at a toy on my bookshelf and I hallucinated it walking around the shelf - Pieclone

One time, I was really sleepy and I looked near the corner of my bed, I saw a head, but it turned out to be just a lump from the blanket. - Pegasister12

I keep glancing at words and reading "David Bowie". Guess I have a one-track mind. - PetSounds

This has happened once. - BeatlesFan1964

2 You feel like you're dreaming or floating everywhere

Happens to me all the time. I feel like I'm slightly disconnected to the real world, like I'm watching what's in front of me from behind a glass wall. And I'm an insomniac too, due to the lack of melatonin production in my brain. - Wolftail

Well considering you're a teen, we just tend to release melatonin at a much later time, rather than not having it at all. Its pretty normal for pubescent kids. - keycha1n

Tell me I'm not the only one. - keycha1n

3 You get really motivated
4 Feeling intensely creative

Time to start writing a novel I'll never finish and start a blog I'll later delete.

Have a guess as to how this list was born? - keycha1n

5 Delirium
6 Crying
7 Dozing off in inappropriate situations and awkward positions
8 Forgetfulness

This is something which I really hate about my insomnia. You lose your ability to recall even the simplest of things. - PositronWildhawk

Sometimes I forget entire days and lessons, insomnia sucks big time, especially considering I'm actually trying to do well in school! - keycha1n

Not fun when you learned something important in school that day... - keycha1n

9 Being bouncing-off-the-walls hyper
10 You Think Your Pet Can Talk

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11 You're willing to do anything to sleep
12 You go crazy
13 Eating Your Shirt
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1. Hallucinations
2. You get really motivated
3. Feeling intensely creative
1. You feel like you're dreaming or floating everywhere
2. Dozing off in inappropriate situations and awkward positions
3. Crying



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