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1 Bicycle Tyres

I have a friend whose obsessed with gums, but especial with bicycle tires. When he bought really expensive tires he started to throw them in air and hugging them. Well, some people have strange obsessions, I guess? :D - KpopAllOverTheWorld

That is odd. I've got friends that ride competitively, and while they can't wait to tell me how expensive items were, including tires, I've never seen them so this. - Ned964

I just thought of the dirtiest joke about what you have to do when your tire goes flat. By the way do you mean love love or just you know, "I like tires! " - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

Well why don't you marry it? - Adventurur2

2 The Colour Yellow

I like yellow, Do that's makes me a bad person? - hello

Whoops I like the colour yellow. Looks like I'm getting sued for being "weird". Seriously, liking a certain colour isn't weird

I really don't get that. And yellow is an AWFUL colour! The Sun is a good yellow, as everyone says, but yellow is flaccid and disgusting with everything else. Rancid milk, banana skins, mucus, vomit, earwax, phlegm, just to name a few things. So whenever I see a yellow car or a man in a yellow shirt headed my way, I feel my breakfast defy gravity. - PositronWildhawk

This is my favorite color...

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3 Sellotape

It's sticky. What else is there to love? - Britgirl

I like it - TwilightKitsune

4 Cracks In Pavements

I just don't understand this one at all. The mind boggles! - Britgirl

"oh I love cracks in pavements! " Well, I think you hit your HEAD on a pavement! :D

^_^ iNTerestINg - Miauzer

5 Chips With Gravy

The chips will break when trying to pull the chip out of the Gravy! - Curti2594

This is just wrong - unless you're a northerner. - Britgirl

Hey, I like rice with steak sauce... - GrapeJuiceK

No it's not! You're thinking of crisp-chips, like pringles, you'll get it if your'e British, we mean french fries.

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6 Pornography

Why do we enjoy watching people have sex? I don't know, we just do.

It's a method of learning about sexual intercourse, I guess.

Why do people enjoy these kind of stuff? Just why? - listotaku17

Pornhub is good. I like much

7 Fox Hunting

That's really bad! My patronus (yes, I'm a geek) is a fox! Foxes are beautiful, mysterious, and lovable creatures, whom never harm humans in any way. Is there really a reason to destroy and break bonds between these animals and other foxes/animals they have ever come in contact too? Do humans even think about what they are doing, and how it will affect other animals before they do it? Or are they just that dumb? Most likely the latter. I'm surprised no one commented on this, it's probably the worst thing to like so far! I don't care for hunters' excuses or beliefs, they are hurting others! They are inhumane, terrible humans! They are the real-live Voldemorts! They are staining our profiles as humans (but then again, we're the most vicious and arrogant species of all), condemning future generations to lives as criminals and sadistic killers! Animals deserve to live to. The only time we can actually "hunt" them, is for food, but even then, we should make them happy and acknowledge their ...more

I can't believe people would like that. I mean you can hunt an animal for meat...BUT DON'T JUST HUNT THEM FOR SPORT! If I meat the person who likes that then I would be getting a restraining order on me. And probably mabe even murder charges!

Fox hunting is just damn cruel. Foxes are innocent animals and they don't deserve to be killed. It's completely inhumane. - TwilightKitsune

Hunting in general is weird. LEAVE THE ANIMALS ALONE! - mood333

8 The NumberTwelve

Hey! My favorite number is 12

My favorite number is 17...

This is a very odd number... OH SHUT UP! YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN! - Britgirl

Its an awesome niumber

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9 Justin Bieber

Nobody likes him! Teen girls are incredibly stupid and record companies just take advantage of that for money, so they buy the most retarded thing they could find.

It's true. We all hate this to infinity. Except teenage girls. Teenage girls who have some incurable mental state. - PositronWildhawk

Vote for this until it gets the top spot and when it does, vote for it some more so it can stay there - Danielsun182

Let people like what they like as long as they're not harming themselves or others.

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10 Odd Socks

Yes, m'dear. If you say so! - Britgirl

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11 Undertale

What's not to like, I mean, come on. It's Undertale

Why wouldn't we?


12 Spoons

Forks are much better, surely? - Britgirl

Surely spoons are the soul of poets? - CityGuru

But what if THERE IS NO SPOON - GrapeJuiceK

13 Certain Letters In the Alphabet

Would these letters be J and B by any chance? - Britgirl

I love the letters you and I.

I gotta agree - mayamanga

Britgirl - you are funny.

14 Feet

This one's kind of nice. I actually do love mens feet. A masculine man's naked feet paddimg across lino is very erotic. - Britgirl


15 Weird Al Weird Al Alfred Matthew "Weird Al" Yankovic is an American singer, songwriter, parodist, record producer, satirist, actor, voice actor, music video director, film producer, and author.
16 America


It's not weird, it's called "bieng proud of your country. I love Britain 'because I'm British!
Land of ho-ope and glo-ry, mo-ther o-of the free!

17 Porky Minch

People actullay feel sorry for this guy -

18 Dildos
19 Tickling

It shouldn't be such a weird thing but it is to some! I enjoy it and hey its not nearly as bad as some of the other fetishes - Curti2594

20 Walls

What the hecky peck is there to love about walls?! Most of them are too sodding thin for my liking! - Britgirl

Donald Trump - GrapeJuiceK

21 Cardboard
22 Doorknobs
23 Red Cars

I don't understand it. So what if it's red?

Red coloured cars are awful! I like midnight blue best. - Britgirl

24 Sex
25 Bullying

I'll bet that the person who said they like this is a jerk (not referring to the guy who put this on this list)

26 Trees

I don't like this one... Trees give us oxygen so of course I like them but If you like them too much, you get called a tree hugger.

I'm sorry I don't understand this. Trees are beautiful, old wise men of life. Most of them have seen it all.

27 String
28 D.I.Y. Tools

Such trivial things wow!

30 E.T. for Atari 2600

It's so bad that's it's still bad. - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

31 Girls Bellies

Not very common though I love it! - Curti2594

32 The Eiffel Tower

I like the one in Vegas.

33 Earthbound
34 Dork Diaries

I hate this book series, and because of hating it I have been told to kill myself - mayamanga

35 Bubble Pack
36 Tin Lids
37 Kitchen Roll

Kitchen roll is useful. So yes, I do love it. I always have to have it around - I have four small girls. - EnglistT

38 Lighu Bulbs

"Lighu bulbs"? - mayamanga

39 Trains

People do put way too much emphasis on the "I Like Trains" joke - PositronWildhawk

40 Window Frames
41 Fingernails
42 Farting

Just the sight of the word makes me laugh! - Britgirl

43 Hairy Men
44 Blind Dates
45 Religion
46 Tampons

Lotoya forever made a whole video of why she loves them

47 Bubsy 3D
48 Custer's Revenge

No one likes this though

49 Jasper Batt, Jr.
50 Acorns
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