Top Ten Weird Things to Say to a Prostitute

The Top Ten Weird Things to Say to a Prostitute

1 Get away from me you sexy older lady!

Wow that's just unappealing - SuperBacca

2 Can I have your number?
3 Have you ever seen a squirrel pole-dance?
4 Spit or swallow?
5 Feels so good
6 Sister! What would mum say?

She'd say "I started you off, so I demand a share of the dough! " - PositronWildhawk

7 I'm a talking question mark
8 I actually have a corkscrew shaped willy.
9 Wow, you can really see the damage, can't you?
10 What is this! What is this!

The Contenders

11 Ever thought of settling down and having a family with someone?
12 You look like Francine Smith
13 What if I'm you and you're me?
14 Did you flunk out of high school, or was it kindergarten?
15 Are you paying too much for your car insurance?
16 You smell like cheese. Are you from Wisconsin?
17 Are you virgin?
18 Do you donate to charity?
19 You wanna play Wii?
20 Do you watch Jersey Shore?
21 I want to sex you up
22 My anaconda don't!
23 Roxanne
24 I love you!
25 Mum!
26 Wanna play video games? I have Mario Bros?
27 Would you marry me?
28 The Krusty Krab pizza is the pizza for you and me
29 I'm gonna tear your lips off
30 What's 9+10?
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