Top Ten Weird Things to Say to Your Love On Valentine's Day

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1 Nobody touches my junk quite the way you do

Ha! Is this supposed to have a double meaning or... - happyhappyjoyjoy

Haha! Laughed so hard on this one! - MasterJamezZXQ

And why would girls even try to get their hands dirty in the first place?

That is disgusting, and a bit weird. - micahisthebest

2 If I were snow monkeys, I'd pick up dead skin and insects off your fur even if I wasn't looking to mate

That was random, but I couldn't stop laughing! I like a lot of he things on this list!

And do you want to have a swim in my hot tub?

I like a lot of items on this list, K... Bye!

Why would the girl like being dead

3 All I know is one of us is right and the other one is you

One is right,the other is nothing

This is kind of funny! Good list K. ! - funnyuser

4 I love you like a cannibal loves a human flesh

I could live a very happy life without this image in my head.

I have a creepy image of this, a cup of coffee,a copy of the hitchhickers guid to the Galaxy,and cannibal corpses(death metal band ) albulm art

5 I love you with all my heart and genitals

Humor even for professionals.

How about you just say heart. - micahisthebest

6 That self absorbed psychopath and I got back together

That is too bad. - LokiLover2000

7 I want to grow old and disgusting with you

I probably won't try this on anyone. - PositronWildhawk

8 I want to do boring things with you

That's is just Lame hahaaha

Not a very Entertaining idea! - Curti2594

9 I miss being angry at you

Ahh... I quite like this one. It means that you actually care enough to get angry in the first place.

This one is strangely so damn cute.

Laugh out loud is it weirdd I feel that way about someone.

I truly like this one!

10 I am breaking up with you
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11 I'm a child molester.

You're a CHIIILLLD molester!

If you were Miley cirus this would be true ;D

12 I lost my virginity to my brother

This is just gross and inappropriate. Who added this? - Kiteretsunu

LOL that's disgusting...


Incest much?

13 It's comforting to know that we are equally maladjusted
14 Die you horrible lover of swine

Why would you even say this?! It's not romantic! I mean everyone likes to eat bacon! - ethanmeinster

If this is referring to as "pigs are discusting", then that is a huge twisted insult to innocent loving pigs.

15 The past couple of years I've been in a serious relationship with my dog. It's getting pretty serious. We need to break up.

The list maybe cool, but this item isn't. This is just stupid. Who added this? - Kiteretsunu

This is pretty weird. Who put this? - funnyuser

What!? Cool list K.

16 I lost my genitals.

Am I weird if I find this funny? Seriously though, can you imagine this happening to you?

17 Merry Christmas

AHAHAAASFGidsvjnqicavlbnvd I'm laughing so hard ahsfkasjgfbpiaoushguwaohfnj - RandomPerson1234

18 I defy you, heart man!

Patrick reference - AwesomeJawson

19 You look like you have AIDS

What?! I mean, WHAT?! And YOU look like you need a SLAP!

20 Want some of my AIDS?

Worst saying ever who wanted to say this no one

That is just creepy! - Skullkid755

21 I'm gay
22 I Will Slap You
23 In the Shadow of the Valley of Death

Marilyn Manson song reference here.

24 I should have been the one to fill your dark soul with light
25 I know it's only been three days but let's move to Spain, get married and have six kids.
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