Top 10 Weird Things that Were Never Properly Explained About Certain Specific Nickelodeon Moments

The Top Ten

1 Carly and Sam never talked about the fact that they both dated Freddie (iCarly)
2 The Love Triangle (Victorious)
3 Moody's Mom flew off in that hot-air balloon (The Amanda Show)
4 Tori was treated better than Cat, Jade, and André (Victorious)
5 Nicole was written off the show (Zoey 101)
6 How did Tori's Louise Nordoff disguise fool anyone? (Victorious)
7 How did Spencer and Carly live in that apartment? (iCarly)
8 Why Helen hated Josh so much (Drake and Josh)
9 Some of the stuff Jade did to Tori was bad and she should have absolutely gotten in trouble for it (Victorious)
10 Ned and Moze started dating at the end of the show, But what happen with Suzie Crabgrass? (Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide)

The Contenders

11 "Messin' with Lewbert" segment (iCarly)
12 James Maslow was clearly the best singer of the group (Big Time Rush)
13 The Show never explained how Megan could afford her elaborate pranks (Drake and Josh)
14 Freddie's Random Spanish Outbursts (iCarly)
15 Why Trina Vega was allowed to attend Hollywood Arts? (Victorious)

Actually this was explained in an episode. Sikowitz drank expired coconut milk and hallucinated things weren't really happening.

16 How much did it cost to go to Pacific Coast Academy? Because there is no way that was a public school (Zoey 101)
17 Hollywood Arts is a performing arts high school, yet we never saw the students taking regular subjects like English or Math (Victorious)
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