Top 10 Weird Things that Were Never Properly Explained About Certain Specific Nickelodeon Moments

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1 Carly and Sam never talked about the fact that they both dated Freddie (iCarly)

This would be like if Hermione dated both Ron and Harry and nobody ever talked about it in Hogwarts. Freddie talked about getting back together with Sam AND kissed Carly in the same episode, and you mean to tell me that these two girls, who were best friends and never talked about it? Listen, I was once in high school, And that's not how we processes.

2 The Love Triangle (Victorious)

Beck Oliver, Jade West, and Tori Vega are in a love triangle that was not very well explained by Nick and I cannot explain it either, so let's move on

3 Moody's Mom flew off in that hot-air balloon (The Amanda Show)

All I'm saying is that balloon must have come down somewhere, and she could have gone home to her family. Those things don't just stay up in the air forever.

4 Tori was treated better than Cat, Jade, and André (Victorious)

This is 10,000% true on Tori or Victoria Justice, they're both great. But people acted like Tori was the biggest star to ever set foot in Hollywood arts, and that just seems unreasonable to me when André was a piano composer with an angelistic voice, Jade was like an Avril Lavigne, and Cat was literally Ariana Grande. Explain that to me.

5 Nicole was written off the show (Zoey 101)

Nicole was written off the show and the explanation we were given was that she had to transfer to an all-girls school because of her Obsessive Male Gender Disorder, WHAT THE? I know people are written off shows all the time, but she was cool too bad we didn't even see her at the reunion.

6 How did Tori's Louise Nordoff disguise fool anyone? (Victorious)

This is one of the most memorable moments in the show, but as an adult I have to laugh at Victoria Justice's hat and wig, and the prosthetic nose that looked like poorly made plasticine. And the TEETH, disgusting.

7 How did Spencer and Carly live in that apartment? (iCarly)

We saw spencer selling his pieces every once in a while, but unless their dad was sending them money, their lifestyle would have been bad. And how was Carly able to afford the production costs of her web show?

8 Why Helen hated Josh so much (Drake and Josh)

He was a perfect employee! Instead of getting the respect he deserved, Josh had to watch Helen fawn over Drake, who was a failure, in real life too.

9 Some of the stuff Jade did to Tori was bad and she should have absolutely gotten in trouble for it (Victorious)

In the very first episode, she poured coffee on her head in the middle of class, and later on she tried to actually kill her by sending her flowers that she was allergic to. If that happens in a real school, the person is imprisoned or expelled.

10 Ned and Moze started dating at the end of the show, But what happen with Suzie Crabgrass? (Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide)

She came back to Polk Middle School to be with Ned, and instead of telling her he had feelings for Moze, he strung her along before dumping her. And Suzie was perfectly nice! She did not deserve this, she deserved better.

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11 "Messin' with Lewbert" segment (iCarly)

There was an entire episode dedicated to Lewbert getting injured during one of iCarly pranks! I get that he wasn't the nicest doorman, but please that was bullying.

12 James Maslow was clearly the best singer of the group (Big Time Rush)

In the pilot episode, Gustavo only signed them as a band because he liked Kendall's personality, even though James was the best singer.

13 The Show never explained how Megan could afford her elaborate pranks (Drake and Josh)

Anyone remembers the Peruvian puff pepper episode? This one just flew in the face of realism, since we saw Megan, plant explosives in a pot of sauce get her hands on an extremely illegal foreign pepper, and spy on Drake and Josh through a security system she planted all around the house. She did stuff like this throughout the entire show, and I just want to know who was financially pampering her.

14 Freddie's Random Spanish Outbursts (iCarly)

Throughout iCarly, Freddie Benson would occasionally start speaking in Spanish with american accent I appreciate that the show was about to explain it us, but the fact that they didn't means that we need explanations

15 Why Trina Vega was allowed to attend Hollywood Arts? (Victorious)

Actually this was explained in an episode. Sikowitz drank expired coconut milk and hallucinated things weren't really happening.

16 How much did it cost to go to Pacific Coast Academy? Because there is no way that was a public school (Zoey 101)
17 Hollywood Arts is a performing arts high school, yet we never saw the students taking regular subjects like English or Math (Victorious)

We saw a ton of acting and music classes, but can we even be sure these kids knew algebra or science? Occasionally mentioning regular classes doesn't count, because for all we knew they could have been doing math at a middle school progression.

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