Top 10 Weird Things that Were Never Properly Explained About Certain Specific Video Games


The Top Ten

1 Is the Mushroom Kingdom from the Mario franchise actually real in-universe, or is it just another one of Mario's hallucinations?
2 What did Pac-Man do to the ghosts to make them SO relentlessly angry at him in Pac-Man?
3 Why do the fish have human faces in Seaman?

As well as Leonard Nimoy's (Spock's) voice? - xandermartin98

4 Why is The Legend Of Zelda's Hyrule SO much larger in Breath Of The Wild compared to any of its other incarnations?
5 Why do the Metal Gear Solid and Resident Evil franchises try SO hard to make themselves LOOK as if they take themselves seriously?
6 Exactly what kind of position is the Bionis standing in to make its exterior surface perfectly traversable by regular means in Xenoblade Chronicles?

It's actually a really good game, but like all games, some things are best left unanswered... - Rocko

And don't you DARE say "missionary" - xandermartin98

7 How did Lammy make it to her concert on time in Um Jammer Lammy if she only had 15 minutes to get there, with the game's first five stages alone being easily at least 20-30 minutes long?
8 Why are all of the levels called "galaxies" in Super Mario Galaxy when they are really just small clusters of asteroids at most?
9 Why does the layout and appearance of Planet Zebes (especially Brinstar) change SO much between Metroid and Super Metroid?
10 Who IS the Resident Evil 4 merchant?

The Contenders

11 What are Yoshi's and Birdo's Genders in the Mario Series?
12 How Does Lammy's Ability to Transform Random Objects Into Guitars with Her Mind Actually Work in Um Jammer Lammy?
13 What exactly IS Mettaton's gender in Undertale if it's a female ghost in the body of a male robot?
14 How is Samus able to replenish her explosive ammunition by absorbing parasites in Metroid Fusion?
15 How exactly DOES Kirby digest enemies so quickly in the Kirby series?
16 How exactly DOES Yoshi digest enemies so quickly in the Mario franchise?
17 How is Parappa sexually compatible with Sunny Funny in Parappa The Rapper?
18 In Earthbound, why does the slot-machine HP system work for players but not for enemies?
19 How is Samus able to fit 255 missiles into her Arm Cannon in the Metroid series?
20 Where does Amy keep her hammer in the Sonic franchise?
21 How does Tails' tail-propeller ability work in the Sonic franchise?
22 Why does the portal gun from Portal only work on white surfaces?
23 How is Eggman able to run faster than Sonic in the Sonic franchise?
24 What exactly was Gaster's role in Undertale originally supposed to be?
25 In Undertale, where did Sans' telekinetic superpowers come from?
26 Who are Kirby's Parents?
27 Will any more Pokemon trainers make it to Smash Bros?
28 What is the Zelda series' timeline?
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