Top 10 Weird/Unusual Things that Certain Video Games Will Make You Wish You Could Do in Real Life

The Top Ten

Sprint through the middle of Tokyo in your underwear, flamboyantly flexing and posing all the while as you chase down evil space aliens and the like in order to retrieve your protein powder from them - Muscle March
Re-enact a Godzilla movie inside of a giant horrifically mutated lungfish's brain, with you playing the role of Godzilla - Psychonauts

It would be fun to smash things and liberate a city! - Synchronocity

Transform basically anything into a fully functional guitar simply by holding it excitedly in your hands and orgasmically yelling "MY GUITAR IS IN MY MIND" at the tops of your lungs - Um Jammer Lammy
Randomly find freshly cooked plates of chicken hidden inside walls - Castlevania


Gain actual legit superpowers from eating magic mushrooms and hallucinogenic herbs - Super Mario Bros.
Summon swarms of angry bees from your hand - BioShock
Run and jump on walls as if there's literally nothing to it whatsoever - Prince of Persia
Keep the Companion Cube as a pet - Portal
Use your own face as a painless, concussion-free whip - Earthworm Jim
Date a skeleton - Undertale

The Contenders

Pokémon - Pokémon
Get taught the art of karate by an anthropomorphic onion with a Chinese mustache - Parappa the Rapper

I always dreamed about this happening... - rankist

Have sex with Guru Ant - Parappa the Rapper 2
Have sex with Gardevoir, Lopunny and Lucario - Pokémon

My faith in humanity is officially in the negatives now


Bring an Entire Civilization of Monsters Peace, Friendship and Hope - Undertale
Befriend Asriel Dreemurr - Undertale

True friendship can heal every wound. - Martin_Canine

Play with Endogeny - Undertale
Vomit pink candy-filled bubblegum all over people whenever and wherever you speak to them - Um Jammer Lammy
Absorb monsters' souls and use their powers - Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow
Literally copy your enemies' abilities - Mega Man and Kirby
Attack with all of the random objects that Mr. Game & Watch uses - Super Smash Bros.
Attach wings onto your hat and fly around with it - Super Mario 64
Literally shoot yourself onto the Moon with a cannon - Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
Eat people, poop them out as eggs, then throw them at other people - Yoshi's Island
Literally kill people with your own farts - Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Effectively hide from anyone and anything simply by hiding in a cardboard box - Metal Gear Solid
Effectively hide from anyone simply by hiding above or below them - Batman: Arkham Series
Effectively hide from anyone and anything simply by hiding in tall grass - Various games
Always get a guaranteed instant kill simply by backstabbing someone with a knife - Various first-person shooters
Fly an airplane by using the flight stick as a guitar - Um Jammer Lammy
Have sex with an anthropomorphic redheaded sheep that has severe split personality disorder - Um Jammer Lammy
Take over the world with the power of noodles - Parappa the Rapper 2
Use a live, running chainsaw as a guitar without any risk of injury whatsoever - Um Jammer Lammy
Use a live baby as a guitar...and have the baby actually ENJOY it - Um Jammer Lammy
Wear Wario's pajama superhero costume in public - Wario Ware
Hurl Honda Civics at people with your gun - Half-Life 2
Modify your backup pistol into the most powerful handheld laser weapon in the universe - Cave Story
Have sex with Alphys, Undyne, Toriel and Mettaton - Undertale
Lick Lucario's, Meowth's and Treecko's feet - Pokémon
Wield both a figurative and literal axe as weapons at the same time, with the former even being able to literally melt people's faces off - Brutal Legend
Destroy a menacing giant mech simply by throwing an infinite supply of mangoes at it - Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back
Instantly heal your wounds by eating food, medicine and herbs - Various games
Take a sword right through the chest without even flinching - Devil May Cry
Grow blooming flowers out of your head - Cho Aniki
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