Top Ten Weird Ways for the Big Bang Theory (The Sitcom) to End

The end of this show is approaching, partly since they're running out of material, but also because the plots of all individual main characters are slowly converging to a simultaneous stop. But still, we're not quite sure how this show will end yet. Here are some unrealistic predictions.

The Top Ten Weird Ways for the Big Bang Theory (The Sitcom) to End

1 While studying Sheldon's brain after a prolonged ice cream headache, Amy discovers that Sheldon is, in fact, an undiscovered biologically superior species, only they agree only to disclose this to their first child.

This sounds like what will happen to me. Don't judge me for thinking this. - PositronWildhawk

Who cares? Just end it already!

The show is ending.

I will literally just vote for anything that ends up with Shamy getting married. - keycha1n

2 Raj, Howard and Leonard work together and win the Nobel Prize together, making Sheldon envious at first, but eventually accepts it and continues his research with them at his side.

Incredibly, the real finale was not too far from this. It was Sheldon to actually win the Nobel Prize and he also acted like a jerk at first, seemingly ruining all his relationships irremediably, but then he apologized and thanked all his friends in front of hundreds of people and the whole group would continue to hang out. It was a very satisfying end to the show.

3 Sheldon opens a wormhole to an alternate dimension, and a version of Sheldon which has all the qualities Amy likes, but none of the qualities she dislikes, exchanges places with him, as the original Sheldon says he will be happier in the other dimension.

Not another goodbye.

Noo, Sheldon loves Amy! He wouldn't do that... - keycha1n

What if there's an Amy in the other dimension that he loves equally? - PositronWildhawk

4 Stuart's new comic book store publishes a fantasy series that Howard and Raj co-wrote when they first met, and it makes a low-budget and terrible movie in which Penny gets the lead role. However, her professional acting career kicks off from here.

This, combined with 7 and 3 are sure to make a great ending. - Turkeyasylum

5 Raj marries a high-earning relative of Joyce Kim and quickly out-earns his family. Leonard uses this opportunity to get back at Joyce, while Howard uses it to find some laughable truths about North Korea.


6 Sheldon clones himself several times so that he has the time to do everything he sees as important, from work, to video games, to spending time with Amy. Eventually, the world is taken over by Sheldons.

I feel bad for anybody named penny, getting millions of knocks per second. - Dman1972

I could easily see this happening. - truckturner

7 Bernadette eventually snaps and becomes exactly like Howard's mother, which confuses Howard with a mix of memories and feelings. The two have a daughter, who, fifteen years later, is worse still.
8 Sheldon's mother gets together with Bernadette's father and creates a relationship just like Sheldon remembers his parents. Sheldon, traumatised by this turn of events, declares full independence from mothering needs, only to rely on marrying Amy.
9 The gang find out that Stuart had followed and dated every other girl that the boys had dated and dumped over the series, from Leslie Winkle to Alice from the comic book store. They eventually fix Stuart up with someone equally awkward and depressed.
10 They gang all go back in time to the Big Crunch

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11 Sheldon is actually the Illuminati boss and murders all of his friends, yes, even Amy...

Why not?

The Illuminati’s been dead for centuries...

12 When Raj marries his breakfast cornflakes, his cat gets jealous and digs a hole to bury the cornflakes. Sheldon, Amy, Howard, Bernadette, Penny and Leonard fall into the hole.
13 Everyone dies and the show ends

How...and WHY? - xXbfdi_bhabieXx

14 Howard and Bernadette adopt 2 kids and move away, raj moves away and gets married, Amy moves to Paris with Sheldon's child, Penny and Leonard move away and star in a spinoff
15 Stuart dies. The gang decided to own The Comic Book Store and Wil Wheaton helps. They make lots of money and become rich. Leonard moves in with Penny. Sheldon and Amy get married and move into Sheldon's apartment. Howard and Bernadette have another child
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