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81 All Girl Topless Band

a band from the 60's where all members would perform topless - Celestius

Only men would come to their concerts.

Weren't they called the Ladybirds?

82 Mini Kiss

an all midgets KISS cover band - Celestius

83 Imperial Stars

the band who played an illegal concert at a LA freeway causing massive traffic jam - Celestius

84 The KLF

They are weird but awesome and massively underrated. I can't believe I'm the only person I know who's heard of them. They are weird but awesome, without a question.

85 Hot Chip
86 Gorguts Gorguts Gorguts is a Canadian technical death metal band from Sherbrooke, Quebec. The band was formed in 1989; its only constant member has been Luc Lemay.
87 Freezepop
88 Blood On the Dance Floor Blood On the Dance Floor Blood on the Dance Floor is an American scene duo currently consisting of Dahvie Vanity and Fallon Vendetta that formed in 2006. Former members include Jayy von Monroe (2009-2016) and Garrett Ecstasy (2009). All of them provided vocals to the project. more.

Just listen to Candyland... that's all I'll say

89 Protest the Hero
90 Family Force 5

They define weird. They are still good. WEEZER isn't weird. Every artist has weird songs. Those are the popular weezer songs. Listen to MY NAME IS JONAS, or PERFECT SITUATION to decide that.
Meanwhile, listen to CHAINSAW and you'll see why FF5 is weird.

91 Nirvana Nirvana Nirvana was an American grunge band that was formed in Aberdeen, Washington in 1987. Nirvana disbanded after Kurt Cobain committed suicide in 1994. The drummer of the band, David Grohl, went on to start the Foo-Fighters, an alternative rock band. more.

I mean, some of the songs doesn't make sense.
Plus, really weird music videos.

Tell me about it. Like, The music video to one of their songs "heart shaped box" has an old man with a santa hat being crucified, weird close ups of kurt cobain's face, and a little girl in ku klux klan clothes.

92 Sleepytime Gorilla Museum V 1 Comment
93 My Chemical Romance My Chemical Romance My Chemical Romance was an American rock band from Jersey City, New Jersey, active from 2001 to 2013. For much of their career, the band consisted of lead vocalist Gerard Way, guitarists Ray Toro and Frank Iero, bassist Mikey Way, and drummer Bob Bryar.
94 King Crimson King Crimson King Crimson is a British progressive rock band that was formed in 1969. While the band had numerous band member changes, the head of the band has always been Robert Fripp (Guitar). more.

Listen to albums Larks Tongues In Aspic, Starless and Bible Black, Red, and any album from the 90's on and you'll know why their weird

95 MGMT MGMT MGMT is an American rock band formed in 2002 by Benjamin Goldwasser and Andrew VanWyngarden. After the release of their first album, the members of their live band, Matthew Asti, James Richardson and Will Berman, joined the core band in the studio.

It's actually their videos that are weird

96 The B-52s
97 Shpongle

Weird music, weird logo, weird show... Etc.

98 Alice In Chains Alice In Chains Alice in Chains is an American rock band formed in Seattle, Washington, in 1987 by guitarist and songwriter Jerry Cantrell and original lead vocalist Layne Staley.
99 Bull of Heaven

Famous for their electronic droning tracks of incredible length. Notably, their 1-song-album: 210: Like a Wall In Which An Insect Lives and Gnaws, is 50,000 hours long. That's almost 6 years.

100 Sigh
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