Top 10 Weirdest Celebrity Children Names

Not necessarily bad names but pretty weird. Well, some of them are bad.
Welcome to the parade of eccentric choices.

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Pilot Inspektor (Lee)

If you want your child to get bullied to suicide, name them anything on this list. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

so stupid. where they high when they picked that name?

Son of the actor Jason Lee and actress Beth Riesgraf.
Lee stated this name was inspired by "He's Simple, He's Dumb, He's the Pilot ", by rock band Grandaddy.
Wow! - Metal_Treasure

Moxie CrimeFighter (Jillette)

I love Penn and Teller, but even I've gotta laugh at Penn for this.

Daughter of magician Penn Jillette. - Metal_Treasure

How selfish is that from her parents? If she ever decides to become a supervillain, her name will seriously damage her credibility... - Martin_Canine

why would name your baby moxie crimefighter? dumb. dumb. dumb. and stupid.

Moon Unit (Zappa)

Daughter of Frank Zappa - as if he wasn't weird enough as a musician... But wait until you see the names of all his 4 children. - Metal_Treasure

what the hell?

Rocket Zot (Worthington)

What the heck is a "Zot"? - BlueTopazIceVanilla

This one is just bad. what are these parents doing?

Son of Australian actors Sam Worthington and Lara Bingle Worthington, born in 2015. Their 2nd son was named Racer. Ok, I admit the 2nd choice was a bit better. - Metal_Treasure

Rosalind "Luna" Arusha Arkadina Altalune Florence (Thurman-Busson)

what the hell kind of name is this?

Uma Thurman and Arpad Busson's daughter.
Poor kid has to learn 8 names, half of which unusual... - Metal_Treasure

Audio Science (Clayton)

such a stupid name

Son of Shannyn Sossaman and Dallas Clayton, born 2003 - Metal_Treasure

Diva Muffin (Zappa)

what is a diva muffin? the name of a porn star?

Daughter of Frank Zappa.
Sounds yummy. - Metal_Treasure

Ahmet Emuukha Rodan (Zappa)

Why these names? Frank Zappa and his wife Gail (née Sloatman) were Americans.
1) Ahmet mother said, "His first name was that of an imaginary person we always had hanging around back when we had no one on our payroll. We'd snap our fingers and say, 'Ahmet? Dishes. Coffee, please."
2) About the other names his mother explained,"He was also named after a giant pterodactyl that would have ravaged the world if the Japanese film director Ishiro Honda hadn't destroyed it in 1957."
3) He was named after the music executive Amet Ertegün, whom his father admired.

To name your son after a pterodactyl and some other weird stuff? Seems Frank Zappa wife didn't mind. - Metal_Treasure

Ireland (Baldwin)

Daughter of actors Alec Baldwin & Kim Basinger, born in 1995. - Metal_Treasure

Bluebell Madonna (Halliwell)

Daughter of Geri Halliwell (Spice Girls) - Metal_Treasure

sound's like a ice cream and a pop star

The Contenders

Ian Donald Calvin Euclid (Zappa), aka Dweezil Zappa

Euclid? And to fix it, you decided to call him informally Dweezil... - Metal_Treasure

North (West)

Kim and kanye's next kid will be called south!

Daughter of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian.
I will also add their 2nd child (son) - Saint (West). - Metal_Treasure

Genesis Ali (Dean)

Parents: Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz - Metal_Treasure

Saint (West)

Son of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. - Metal_Treasure

Kal-El Coppola (Cage)

The son of Nicolas Cage, named after a superhero - Metal_Treasure

Moroccan (Cannon)

Are the parents even Moroccan? - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Son of Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon - Metal_Treasure

Elsie Otter (Pechenik)

Because her mother Zooey Deschanel loves otters. - Metal_Treasure

Apple Blythe Alison (Martin)

sound's like something that you get from eating a bad apple. then you would get sick from eating it and die.

Daughter of Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin (Coldplay) - Metal_Treasure

Egypt Daoud (Dean)

Son of Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz (Kasseem Dean) - Metal_Treasure

Apollo Bowie Flynn (Rossdale)

Parents: Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale - Metal_Treasure

Everest (Lucas)

Born 2013. Parents: George Lucas & Mellody Hobson - Metal_Treasure

Sir (Carter)
Rumer (Willis)

I never did know what that name was about

Summer Rain (Aguilera)

I think summer rain is a cute name I like it

Daughter of Christina Aguilera and Matthew Rutler. - Martin_Canine

Bastian Kick (Sisto)
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