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How Many Of These Things Have You Yelled While Having Mind-Blowing Sex With R.L. Stine?
Can You Be Trusted With Some Bad News About Santa’s Prostate?
Bad News For The #Resistance: Sources Close To Mueller Are Suggesting The Pee Tape Is Real, But It Is Hot As Hell, Maybe The Sexiest Event Ever Caught On Camera
Will The Edits You Made To Your Documentary About Plums Be Enough To Get Its Rating Below NC-17?
Resistance Win! This Artist Was Going To Draw Trump And Putin Kissing, But Was Worried That Seemed Homophobic, So He Had Them Kiss While Thinking About Pamela Anderson
Did Bill Clinton Cheat On Monica Lewinsky With KILLARY? Yes, And Our GOVERNMENT Doesn’t Want You To Know
Mission Accomplished: ‘Storage Wars’ Is Ending After They Finally Found A Live Moose In One Of The Storage Containers
How Many Of These Ways Has Neil Young Humiliated Your Dad?
Sorry, Drumpf, But Your Hands Are Simply Too Small To Ever Fit Around Your Massive, Girthy Penis!
Game Over, Drumpf! This Intrepid ‘New York Times’ Reporter Just Has Two Seasons Left Of ‘The Wire’ And Then He’ll Be Free To Blow The Lid Off The Russia Investigation!
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