Top Ten Weirdest Combinations of Sports


The Top Ten

1 Wrestling + American Football = Wrestle Football

It's American football without protective equipment. - Kiteretsunu

Well that's stupid. It'll make no difference whatsoever since wrestling is pretty much just tackling and haunting the opponent. - NerdyPweeps

2 Tennis + Fencing = Racket Fencing

You sword fight with tennis rackets. - Kiteretsunu

Brilliant idea, 10/10 would love to try!

I'm ecstatic

3 Basketball + American Football = American Ball

Playing Basketball with full contact where tackling is not a foul. - Kiteretsunu

4 Swimming + American Football = American Water Ball

Playing the game in a big sized swimming pool. - Kiteretsunu

Would make football a lot more homosexual!

Might make football safer. - PetSounds

5 Discus Throw + Golf = Discus Golf

You throw the discus regularly till it goes into the hole (the size of the hole will be big to accommodate the discus). - Kiteretsunu

6 Tennis + Boxing = Racket Boxing

Using Rackets Instead of gloves for boxing. - Kiteretsunu

7 Table Tennis + Golf = Table Golf

Playing golf on a table having a single hole ( the golf club will be very short in size). - Kiteretsunu

8 Gymnastics + Wrestling = Wrestnastics

Two people doing gymnastics at the same time while doing wrestling on occasional periods, - Kiteretsunu

I always thought that people called this sex. - PositronWildhawk


9 Javelin Throw + Tennis = Death Tennis

Aiming Javelin on your opponent. The one who hits first is the winner, - Kiteretsunu

This game is fun

That's stupid u r throwing a spear at your opponent to see who hits who first

10 Baseball + American Football = Chaos Ball

They don't seem to fit into each other, anyway if they are forcefully combined, the game would be a complete chaos. - Kiteretsunu

The Contenders

11 Cubing + Basketball = Cube Ball

You can't dribble the ball now. - Shinytyphlosion

12 Wrestling + Soccer + American Football = American Wrestleball

Everything is legal-Hitting other players, Tackling badly. The objective is to ge the ball in the goal - yatharthb

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