Top Ten Weirdest and Creepiest Things About Dora the Explorer

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1 Everything has a face

I would scream and hide under the sheets of my bed if everything had a face.

Lets hope they invent a bagpack like Dora's

I'm the map I'm the map and my tune sounds like crap - TwilightKitsune

That seems weird.

2 Swiper goes away whenever Dora tells him to

So does the thief in The Sims

SWIPER is the only good character but he is coward. He needs to build up more courage and someday lecture Dora about his name being swiper and he swipes stuff. There was actually a comic strip about that

If Swiper got better. If Dora said "Swiper No Swiping," Swiper will just take their belonging because that's not how you make a theif go away

3 Dora can't see anything even if it is right in front of her

Looks like you guys are angry with her OBVIOUS questions.
The answers are EASY for anyone who is NOT a preschooler.

No you can see everything because you are older than 5.
This is for little ones under 5.
Do a dot to dot puzzle for little kids but you can see what it is so what is the point?

Where is the giant mountain? - Dora
Where is the nuke? - Dora

The next you tube video random guy makes is Dora explodes and everyone dies. - Skullkid755

Dora: Where is the river?
Me: Right there!
Dora: Where?

4 Dora's parents are bad parents

It's a fictional cartoon but everyone on here is stupid to not understand that.
In the live action movie she had travelled with her parents.

They sure are - blackflower

Her parents don't even get a problem if Dora is exploring. How old are these parents?

Imagine if Dora went to a river and ends up drowning, her parents will give the slightest care over it - MLPFan

5 Tico
6 The map can talk

A same map that changes every single episode. So logical! What if Dora had a Tablet with a map system. It might be better in my oppinion. Explorers possibly don't do paper maps any more I think

In Dora and Friends she has a phone with a map app

7 Boots

He's actually decent.

8 It's naturally disturbing
9 She stops and waits for the viewer's answer, like she knows you're there

To be fair this is to engage the target audience, little toddlers or kindergartners. Many shows use it.

This scared me when I was young. Honestly. They just wait and state at you with blank, lifeless faces for a few seconds and then carry on with what it was they were doing.

Yep the way she looks at us viewers in the most awkward way which is very creepy.

Why is she staring at little kiddies who are watching?
Is she even a child?
Is she even a non perv? - Skullkid755

10 Dora is like Amy Rose

And also... Dora isn't much like Amy Rose, Dora is a South American, Dora isn't a stalker but all she does is waste your time watching her show. Since TwilightKitsune and I hate Amy Rose, I seem to like Amy Rose better than Dora. I never seen Dora being Bratty but she is annoying. Dora doesn't have any weapons but Amy has a Piko Piko Hammer to smash her. Amy is cuter than her. Enough said

Amy Is 1 Billion Times Better

I rather pick Amy, however, even I hate both. At least Amy doesn't ask you pointless questions or force you to yell to the top of your lungs - MLPFan

I think Amy Rose is better than Dora

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11 What is your favorite part of the trip?
12 She almost dies..... in most episodes

I hope Dora is dead!

I would pay to see her fall off a cliff or drown in a lake, I hate her.

13 Breaking the fourth wall

Well she is supposed too.

Fourth wall of stupidness.


14 She ate ice cream and threw away the cone without eating the cone


Wow Dora Is So Stupid

The cone itself is edible like waffer but that's okay with that. If you ate snow cones do you want to eat paper cones? Maybe she can.

I do that too.

15 The characters

They are all stupid and brainless - SeeU

Especially Dora

16 She is constantly being stalked by Swiper
17 Her IQ

Her IQ ain't that bad for a 7 yr old, plus she has to play stupid to get the kids along.

If you didn't know scientists have been researching about her IQ and they agreed it's negative 69. - WhatAreWeHaving4Lulz

18 Episodes with the Backpack and Map songs too short

I didn't like the episodes when those two songs were too short. When it does happen, I would always say "I want Backpack/Map to sing the song again! " I don't like those songs short. I like them long (also known as the full songs).

19 Benny

Okay first of all Benny is blue. Two not all male cows have horns. There are male and female milk cows.

I mean, come on! Benny is a talking purple cow, which makes no sense because he's a boy, and male cows are called bulls, and he doesn't have any horns.

20 Dora's singing voice

I would sent Ursula to steal dora’s singing voice!

Her flute playing also. She didn't even play it! All she said was "dink dink the dink dink! "

21 The big red chicken

He is also so fat

22 We Did It - Dora the Explorer
23 Bug band
24 It's the same plot for each episode
25 She goes out on her own without a responsible adult
26 She goes exploring without parents permission
27 She’s friends with a monkey
28 Milk the bull

My little sister watches this and whenever she sees Benny the bulk she says milk the bull milk the bull. Like what. That’s not even in the show but she says it is -Aubrey

29 She has big pupils
30 The Blue Cursor
31 Her dancing
32 She interrupts at what's your favorite part

Dora: what's your favorite part
me: when your par-
Dora: I liked that part too
me: what the hell!

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