Top Ten Weirdest Dreams Ever Had In Your Life

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1 Luan Loud dressed as Britney Spears twerking to the song "Sometimes" by Britney Spears

How high were you when you made this? - RoseWeasley

That is so creepy and funny. - Powerfulgirl10

The twerking joke? Ew...

2 A printed picture of AJ Michalka taped to a garbage can with "Mad World" playing
3 Robin from Teen Titans dressed as Filthy Frank twerking to "Bring Me to Life" by Evanescence

That's disgusting! Worse than Luan Loud as Britney Spears twerking to Sometimes! ๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ˜’

4 Billy and Mandy in anime style chasing Cory Baxter
5 Chloe Park singing "Formation" by Beyoncรฉ while lip syncing to it with Jessie J and riding on a blueberry pie
6 Lana Loud dressed as Filthy Frank and Luan Loud dressed as the pink guy betting on a cock fight
7 Deadpool and Pink Guy reuniting
8 Bill Cipher licking a Lapis Lazuli in a bathtub with lavender scented candles


9 Rowan Blanchard with a big, fat butt
10 Where everything's normal

My dreams are NEVER normal. They are always weird/creepy in some way.

The Contenders

11 Mandy Moore and Ashlee Simpson hanging out with Eileen from Regular Show while playing with whoopee cushions

That's not gonna happen...

12 You and your friends being attacked by vicious Rottweiler dogs

I had similar daydreams where my cousinsโ€™ Husky was viciously trying to attack me and my Shiba Inu during a family gathering.

13 Filthy Frank is making out with a Beast Boy body pillow and he caught you trying to get rid of Lincoln's annoying sisters and when you found Luan Loud, she was dressed as Filthy Frank carrying ravioli into her own shirt pocket.

Filthy Frank? Nope!

14 Luan Loud dressed in a light blue Polo shirt and black hipster/nerd glasses

Filthy Frank much?

15 Your Class Kicking Their Legs Around while Bill Cipher Steals Your Pants

I had this dream.

16 Luan Loud dressed up like Filthy Frank shaking leprechauns for gold

Not this again...

17 You found Luan Loud and Mandark both dressed like Filthy Frank running around and yelling "NO SECRETS ARE UNDERRATED, BUT WE HAVE NO SECRETS!" in the bathtub with lavender scented candles and Luna Loud was in there says "Pun intended."


18 Luan Loud acting like iDubbz and Filthy Frank
19 Peridot and Lapis Lazuli shaving their eyebrows as Flapjack and Captain K'nuckles steals your pants and Luan says "SAYONARA LOSERS!!!"
20 Jerry Seinfeld in your closet
21 Snoop Dogg with Dr. Dre hanging out in your room
22 Your friend heaving a tea party
23 A vicious Rottweiller dog eating your friend's pie that gave you and might attack you
24 You being a porno star
25 Living in an ancient civilization time period

When I was in elementary school I dream that when I was a baby I lived in Ancient China with my parents

26 Naked in school bathroom with other people
27 Being an adult baby/diaper lover
28 Getting revenge on another kid due to mean teacher
29 Getting stuck on "it's a small world"
30 My mom giving my cousin a bath in a rice cooker
31 My little cousins own a husky and I own a Shiba Inu. During a family gathering the husky constantly tried to attack me and my Shiba.
32 I killed a fake dummy and shoved it behind a shelf and someone named anakin came in and said we gotta go fast
33 The gods from Disney's Hercules on Pampers diapers
34 Teeth fell out
35 Time travel
36 A teacher in my high school sang Chinese karaoke
37 Naked kids

I had a dream that I have a baby niece and a toddler nephew and they came over to my house and I saw them both naked. My mom was changing my niece's diaper, while my nephew was lying naked on his back and I saw his penis.

38 I was a baby and I was peeing in my diaper while watching Disneyland fun sing along during thanksgiving dinner
39 I Was at McDonald's and I Saw Disney's Hercules Ice Cream Cup with a Picture of Mount Olympus on It Next to an Old TV
40 I pooped in my bed
41 My aunt put a dog collar on me
42 A naked man runs out of a robot model and jumps in the toilet.
43 I was at school watching a video of 2 Shiba Inus having sex on YouTube while I was taking a math test
44 I was a toddler boy and I pooped on the kitchen floor and also as I was getting my diaper changed on the stairs at my house

I have a penis in my dream. In real life, I am a female.

It was also in the first person point of view.

45 I was in a motel bathroom in Wildwood NJ and all the guests walked in on me while I was completely naked
46 My house has a swimming pool in my living room and while I was swimming with several kids the gym teacher was feeding a kid a bottle
47 A Faris Wheel came to life and started destroying houses.
48 One of my aunts was saying "mum-mum" to me over and over again while offering me a plate of Christmas cookies

The cookies were either homemade or store-bought. I had this dream years ago, so I don't remember. I think it was the store-bought kind.

If you don't know what "mum-mum" means, it is a phrase/word that Asian babies say when they're referring to anything food or food-related.

49 At the Pool in My High School During Swimming Class in High School Everyone Including the Teachers Were Having a Pool Party Complete with Food and a DJ and I Screened Disney's Hercules for Everyone to Watch
50 My cousins and I were hosting a birthday party for random Asian kids in my basement that involved Fanta in glass bottles and an Asian boy (not my cousin) vomiting mac and cheese on his plate
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