Top Ten Weirdest Dreams People Have

The Top Ten Weirdest Dreams People Have

1 Where everything's normal

The closest dream I have had to complete normality was when I dreamed of normal everyday life... Until I bizarrely began to float at the end of it like a helium balloon that has just been released :/

Normal dreams are hard to come across. There is always something not right, whether it is a piece of mis-coloured furniture or Godzilla trooping through your neighbourhood... - RaineSage

I had a normal dream before. I had godzilla chasing me through my neighbor hood, while I was randomly shooting a desert eagle at him. Just another day in the hood.

It never is. If there's nothing peculiar in a dream, it's peculiar in itself. Isn't that ironic? - PositronWildhawk

Nothing's normal in my dreams. Nothing. They're all just weird. - Powerfulgirl10

2 You wake up just before you die in the dream

I once dreamed about being at school. It was a normal day, I was sitting at my desk just in front of the blackboard, staring into nowhere. Like in other dreams, I was looking at myself from another person's perspective (just like watching myself on a video). Then suddenly the door opened and one of the maths teachers from our school came in. I remember I was watching the following scene from up the ceiling. He was holding a metal blackboard pointer. A shiver ran down my spine. In reality, he always used it to beat up boys who chatted during his lessons and I had (and still have) a panical fear of it. He walked near my desk. It was suddenly in the middle of the classroom and all my schoolmates were at the back of the room, laughing and cheering. He hit my back with the silver pointer. My desk disappeared and I felt a horrible pain. And then again. And once more. With every hit I lost a piece of my consciousness, until the pain faded away and I felt myself leaving my body. I was no ...more

That's mostly true but once I was still dreaming after my character died in a dream. Crazy, right? - darthvadern

I'm a teenager boy 14 yrs old...Once I had this dream where I was an orphan then a wealthy family adopted me because they lost their eldest daughter when I first step into the house I knew something was wrong something that someone was not welcoming me so we all went to dinner in their big dinnerroom it was wonderful I have two sisters and two brothers all of them was so kind to me like super kind but I feel something was wrong in this place. so went to bed then I was feeling someone is staring at me there no one in my room so I just ignored it. Then suddenly my sister woke me up saying "wake up we have to go " I said "where" she said "to the garden mom and dad is waiting for you get dressed hurry " so I did some stretches then go to the shower then I found this suit saying wear me love mom so I wear it, on the way to downstairs I saw the door of the eldest daughter slam hard like someone was mad then I tried to ignored it make it to the way to downstairs when I got to the garden we ...more

I was had a dream I was being chased by a murderer. I fell down a hill and then he saw me and started running towards me and that was the end - Unnamed Google User Remade

3 You do something you can't do in real life

I had a dream where a grocery store was giving free samples and I stole/ate them all

Once I had a dream that I went into my bed and just started flying and hitting the walls, then after about an hour of "flying" I tried to leave my bedroom because I needed to show my friends that I COULD FLY but it was somehow just impossible to get through the door

I sometimes dream that I can float a few inches from the ground. When I awaken, I feel a bit sad that it was just that - a dream. - Britgirl

I had a dream that I was in a bedless hotel with my brother and grandma (who were statues) and I fell out of the window into a ditch with stone eyed girl scouts that looked like Gi Joe's and I defeated by taking their teddy bears, and then it turned into Temple run and I had to slide under helicopters and police cars blowing up and then the dream froze and this voice said that he was the creator of the dream and he was evil and then he took to an alley where I kicked gangsters in the faces and this giant hand came down and drew the rest of the street.I ran more and then blew helis up with rocket launchers and I teleported back to the hotel. I woke up laughing for 10 minutes

4 Meeting your past/future self

I had a dream where the adult version of me and the toddler version of me attended the same wedding in San Francisco together.

I hope I never have this dream (or nightmare) in this case. Meeting my future self would horrify me. - Britgirl

And then you can make a video game off of it. (Insert your name here) Generations.

I would love to meet myself from when I was a 2 year old. That would be so awesome.

5 The music you left playing is being sung by someone you know in the dream

I had a dream where I watched a video of my older cousins from CA were feeding bottles to my nieces (my nieces were babies in the dream) as Vietnamese music was playing in the background of the video.

My dad plays Vietnamese music on YouTube all the time (and my relatives plays it during parties sometimes) so it gets stuck in my head quite frequently

I fell asleep and what was playing blurred lines and my bff was singing it SCARIEST THING EVER!

One time I had a dream that my 3-4 grade science teacher was singing Universe and U - Grey's Anatomy. I find that disturbing. - Powerfulgirl10

A song was stuck in my head all night and kept playing in my head even when I was asleep. - Hermione_Granger220

6 You think you're waking up, and then you actually wake up

Last night I had a dream that every single square inch of land/floor was covered with biting alligators. I knew it was a dream but I couldn't wake up or subconsciously get rid of them, so I just stood there until my legs got eaten down to the bone, THEN I woke up

In one of my dreams, I always thought to wake up you go down on all fours, or do the crab and close your eyes. In the dream it looked like I was in my bedroom, until I see a sheep with wings.

My friend dreamed she woke up ( we were going camping by the way ) she looked around the tent, the sky was orange and then she tried to wake us up. Then she woke up

It is so weird. I win the Super bowl and I realize it was only a dream when I wake up in my dream, and then I realize I actually just woke up

7 You walk one way and come back the same way or wind up in a completely different place

I was walking back to my house, but realized it somehow turned back to the year 2001 in New York, and my house was replaced by the World Trade Center. The date was September 10 and a Monday

I was out side and saw this door I walked through this wood door it opened to a hotel then I walked back out I was in a silent hill school

That happens in a lot of dreams. - Hermione_Granger220

I was trapped in this murky prison with a pool and I exscaped but this crossing guard caught me

8 You look in the mirror and see a random face

When I was younger I used to dream of seeing an elderly gentleman's face in the mirror. He had a friendly, kindly face. After a few nights of the same dream, he vanished. I haven't had the dream since. Nice - but very surreal. - Britgirl

I was very angry in my dream, so I went to the bathroom, looked in the mirror and transformed into a very disfigured incredible hulk with night vision goggles on

I don't think anybody in my dreams face is accurate

That must be very scary. - Powerfulgirl10

9 Going to school naked

I have that dream a lot and I am usually caught by everyone in my classroom and the laughing is just so crazy. Then last night I had the dream of being naked at school but all of a sudden teleported to being in the middle of the air falling to a street.

Once I had a dream where I was naked and topless in a high school bathroom stall and one of the special ed teachers at my old high school was in there doing some sort of speech/language arts therapy session with me and my mom and another student?

It wasn't weird, just scary. Just like forgetting your clothes in the morning and when you finally realize it everyone else does and stares at you.

Yep! One of the more embarrassing ones!

10 Part of your body falls off

That may sound far-fetched but I have had this dream upon many occasions. And most of the time it's my left foot. Very weird. - PositronWildhawk

I don't think this is far-fetched at all. With me, it's not my limbs that drop off, but my teeth crumble and fall out. I read that this is a fear of getting old. - Britgirl

In one dream I had a while ago, Half of my teeth were missing. Literally, imagine a jaw split in half equally. That's how many teeth were missing. But they didn't fall off. - Powerfulgirl10

My teeth always fall out in my dreams it's absolutely horrible I check my mouth every single time, ah

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11 Falling from the air and when you land you hit your bed and wake up

This happens a lot! Once I even fell out of my bed. Usually I'm in some weird restaurant/kitchen, hanging from a chandelier. - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

What usually happens with me though is as I'm falling, I'll realize I can't be hurt, and then land in some super cool way

I do this all the time, when I wake up I'm like an inch from my bed and I actually do fall a bit

I do this all the time

12 Having sex

I dreamed that my school's basement had lava flowing through it and I had to go save my friend but my other friends didn't want to so I when alone and got her out. And then for some reason there was a sofa there and then I end up doing it with her with a huge dildo. But we are both girls and I didn't consider that I liked girls until this dream.

Yes with my celebrity crushes

This never happened but I pretended to in one of them. - Powerfulgirl10

I had this one last night

13 A random object suddenly appears in the middle of a room and then suddenly vanishes.

It was so scary, like my stuffed dog appeared on top of my computer chair in front of me (I was lying in bed). I almost screamed but it disappeared. And I can't tell if I was awake or dreaming cause I SAW IT with my own TWO EYES!

This happens at night before I even go to sleep, and then sometimes I wake up and see it too. :D

I had a dream where there was a Victorian maid figure in my kitchen and when I told my parents, she disappeared

14 When you feel like you're falling

It happens to me often but once I was in the car with my friends coming home from the beach well I fell on the ground in my dream the next thing I know I here my friend screaming at her parents because she thought I was having a seizure all because I threw my phone at her when I thought I had fallen

I once had a dream that I was falling then I kicked while waking up it happened three times

I alway feel like this when I'm asleep

It's really scary in my opinion. - Userguy44

15 Insects crawling up your shirt and body

(That's the ghosts of all the bugs you've killed)

I always have this one.

I had a simaler dream though is was tiny and at the end of my bed and giant bees came at me and when they stung me I woke up.

16 Your teeth falling out

I have dreams of growing too many teeth up on the top of my jaw, on my tongue, and under my tongue.

I have these dreams all the time. It must mean something. - Hermione_Granger220

I had this dream once

17 Seeing your own face in a mirror

No! Not me I'm so ugly

I don't understand this someone help me!

18 Once when I went to bed after not playing any video games or watching television for an entire week I dreamt about the white wolf in legend of Zelda telling me to eat less carbohydrates

I guess you could die of eating too many carbs

Haha I have that game - 2storm

That's funny.

I've had a dream where a Pokémon trainer named Jō (gold, but in a manga called Pokémon HGSS Jō Big Adventures) was there and I was battling him in a match... But worst part, scenery changed to school...
(Poker face)

19 Feeling like you're about to fall off the bed then wake up in shock

Sometimes I drift off to sleep and I jerk up feeling like I hit the ground after a long jump from a building or mountain.

I was walking in this random places in my dream and then fell into something and end of the following into my dream my bed and then I look up

20 Harry Potter Dream

I had a dream that Neville broke his leg and Harry ran off around a corner, leaving Neville in a pit full of glowing green mushrooms.

I have had that dream before I was Harry's step sister and Professer Snape was my dad

I had a dream that my mom was driving and she was going insane. Then she suddenly stops and stares at me... I look out the window to find buckbeak! he said "hoof foot down" and I was so confused. when I woke the song on my radio that was playing was up down by morgan wallen and florida georgia line.

I’ve had a dream where Harry was playing dolls house with hermione. - TopTennerPerson

21 Having a picnic with your parents in your school bathroom and getting kidnapped by a pedophile when they go to the cafeteria for napkins which you never use anyway

I'm glad I never had this dream but I like it, since I'm the Queen of Weird.

This is so random

What, but nice one


22 Kissing

I had a dream where I was telling my crush now I felt, but before I could finish, he kissed the side of my head. It was amazing. - RoseWeasley

I had a dream where two people from my video game were kissing it was gross

I had a dream like that too I was playing Don't Starve with
My friends and we found a huge mountain and a huge T. rex
Came out of the mountain and said "Hi I'm Bob" and so Wolfgang threw jelly beans at it but that didn't work so Wickerbottom ground pounded it for some reason and then ents came out of the ground and then they died randomly from spontaneous combustion and they killed the dinosaur and then Willow grabbed Wilson and kissed him and then we stopped playing the game and went on these pod like boat things and ate chocolate and drank coffee and then we went to a farm and Kirby ate everyone but then we went to heaven and told us all to go eat pengu

23 Disgusting incest
24 Finding riches and waking up to find none

I had one when I had all the Lego Men in the World when I was younger than I woke up and had nothing. - PatrickStar3

Or getting a million EX cards and waking up to...nothing. - RiverClanRocks

That sucks. - Powerfulgirl10

25 Dreaming your bed is floating

I felt I woke up and the bed is floating and wake up for reals

26 Being abducted by aliens

Alien it had one eye and was a ball shape like a football/soccer had holes all over it, and was dying of a human disease.

I don’t remember a lot I just remember aliens and hurting a lot like I just lost one of my organs but everything was so bright

27 You are dating a random stranger and you like them for some reason

I've had dream like this, I met a boy and I like him then I left him for a girl lol for no reason at all

I see a girl. I like her. She rejects me. If I kiss her my lips always feel gooey and weird. When I touch a random girl it is gooey too. Also in my dreams I can’t really see how the girls look like when I look directly at them. Also why sometimes I just start off by looking like myself then turning into someone else out of nowhere and I don’t notice until later.

28 Going to a celebrity party and you are offered a once in a lifetime dance with a female celebrity you fancy such as Mia Wasikowska or Lily James

Either of those 2 beauties would be any man's fantasy

29 Walking the streets naked

This is always me but I always seem to think it's real.😂

30 Dreaming you're peeing

I had a dream where I was a baby attending Thanksgiving dinner at a relative's house and I peed in my diaper while I was watching the Disneyland Fun Sing Along video. It was from the first person point of view as well.


Weirdest thing I've done in my dream was peeing fire?! Your face should be reacted when you see this!

That dream has happened to me before many times, but I've never wet the bed. - Pegasister12

This happens to me WAY TOO MUCH and it even happened this morning. (9/24/2016) - Powerfulgirl10

31 Brushing your teeth
32 You are a different animal

I've had this so many times! I once dreamed I was cornered by a bully, and I was on all four legs, and leaped up and bit him on the arm. I guess I was some kind of dog. - Emberflight_of_StormClan

I had that dream once...I was a chihuahua.._.

33 Time travel

Once I had a dream where I was an 18-month-old toddler and I was at my old house. In the dream, I was in my playroom playing with Sesame Street and Teletubbies baby toys and watching the Backyardigans on my T.V.. Then my mom was making dinner and after the Backyardigans was over, she carried me and put me in my high chair. Then after I was done, I wanted to help wash the dishes. I was peeing in my diaper and I actually felt the sensation of peeing in a diaper. Then my mom checked my diaper and then she got a fresh diaper and some wipes and said, "Diaper time" and she picked me up and changed me. Then we were singing some nursery rhymes together. Then my mom took me for a bath and changed me into my pajamas. Then she put me in the crib, and put on my Aladdin blanket and sang lullabies. Then the next day she drove me into daycare and I was playing with toys and chattering in baby talk with other children. Then the daycare lady put on my bib at lunchtime and we were pretending to do a ...more

I cannot tell you how many times I've had this dream! It really is wonderful, but my strange interpretations of the future are haunting me.

I wish this happened for real

34 You get mad and eat all the vegetables that exist on a plate in a crowded stadium.

That happened to me once.

That happened to me once. O_O

35 When you go super slow in your dream but try to run

I was trying to save my little brother from his captures but I couldn't run fast enough I look down and everything is going normal speed but my legs I woke-up to myself running while laying down in slow-mo (I act out my dreams while there happening sometimes)

I was being chased by some person I don't like in my school (it was third person) that somehow got in my house, and I didn't make it (no I didn't die.) - Powerfulgirl10

I dream I'm being chased by people and I can't run fast.

This happens to me a lot

36 Demons taking humans to hell
37 Having to fight vampires at your old elementary school

And being called Buffy

38 You get stalked by someone through your device and they come to do terrible things to you

I don't wanna talk about it... - WonkeyDude98

39 Being tickled realistically
40 Meeting Bill Cosby

Scary to even mention his name.

41 You can see your house, but get lost trying to get home.

Yes! It was horrible! 😖

42 Hard time seeing what's happening

I had a dream that my head was heavy and I couldn't lift it up to see anything. - Pegasister12

Definitely the worst feeling to have in a dream... For me at least

I had a dream where I was in Italy/London at a free festival where people were throwing random books (including children’s Disney books) into colored water. I couldn't see most of the books that were thrown into the water, but I did manage to save (and take home) several books, including several Disney World books and a Disney’s Hercules book.

43 Eating someone

This guy was trying to stab me with a knife, so I took a chunk out of his arm with my teeth, the he just ran away from me and stabbed my mom instead

People do this in real life and they go to prison... plus way too many carbohydrates

I can't believe people dream about being cannibals. Luckily it hasn't happened to me. - Powerfulgirl10

I've had so many dreams about eating my friends.

44 Kissing a dog
45 Objects disappearing/appearing and sometimes the dream goes black, then you end up in a different place

I was dreaming I was in a cafe (i'm 9 years old by the way) and I was eating but the table dissappeared and I ran out with my mom and dad (i was 7 at the time I dreamt this) and it went bright pink and I saw trees (which I didn't see before) and ran towards them while it was still pink! I was teleported to this area (still bright pink) and it was like ruins and stuf... then I woke up

46 When you seem to see everything blurry
47 You're late for something

Like a bus or plane or even a cruise ship. - Ace_of_spades

I’ve been late for things in real life...

48 Getting chased by an angry guy

I once had a dream where I was being chased by a guy that's pointing a gun at me. It was scary.

I have a reoccurring dream where I'm being chased in total darkness by...something. I can hear its rapid footsteps and hear its deep breathing but I never know just how close it is to me. I'm terrified that the next time I have this particular dream, that...thing will catch up and grab me. It's so terrifying. - Britgirl

49 Falling off a cliff

I had a dream that I JUMPED OFF a cliff.

Really Common Dream. - PatrickStar3

50 Having a harem
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