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21 Finding riches and waking up to find none V 2 Comments
22 Going to a celebrity party and you are offered a once in a lifetime dance with a female celebrity you fancy such as Mia Wasikowska or Lily James

Either of those 2 beauties would be any man's fantasy

23 Harry Potter Dream

I had a dream that Neville broke his leg and Harry ran off around a corner, leaving Neville in a pit full of glowing green mushrooms.

I have had that dream before I was Harry's step sister and Professer Snape was my dad

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24 You are a different animal

I've had this so many times! I once dreamed I was cornered by a bully, and I was on all four legs, and leaped up and bit him on the arm. I guess I was some kind of dog. - Emberflight_of_StormClan

I had that dream once...I was a chihuahua.._.

25 Dreaming your bed is floating

Not only bed, almost anything in my dream floats! Floating kitchen, floating T.V., floating school, floating islands, etc - FireWasp2004

26 Meeting Bill Cosby

Scary to even mention his name.

27 Walking the streets naked
28 Eating someone

This guy was trying to stab me with a knife, so I took a chunk out of his arm with my teeth, the he just ran away from me and stabbed my mom instead

People do this in real life and they go to prison... plus way too many carbohydrates

I can't believe people dream about being cannibals. Luckily it hasn't happened to me. - Powerfulgirl10

This is cannibalism, people!

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29 Objects disappearing/appearing and sometimes the dream goes black, then you end up in a different place

I was dreaming I was in a cafe (i'm 9 years old by the way) and I was eating but the table dissappeared and I ran out with my mom and dad (i was 7 at the time I dreamt this) and it went bright pink and I saw trees (which I didn't see before) and ran towards them while it was still pink! I was teleported to this area (still bright pink) and it was like ruins and stuf... then I woke up

30 When you seem to see everything blurry
31 You get mad and eat all the vegetables that exist on a plate in a crowded stadium.

That happened to me once.

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32 You are dating a random stranger and you like them for some reason
33 Demons taking humans to hell
34 Kissing

I had a dream where two people from my video game were kissing it was gross

I had a dream like that too I was playing Don't Starve with
My friends and we found a huge mountain and a huge T. rex
Came out of the mountain and said "Hi I'm Bob" and so Wolfgang threw jelly beans at it but that didn't work so Wickerbottom ground pounded it for some reason and then ents came out of the ground and then they died randomly from spontaneous combustion and they killed the dinosaur and then Willow grabbed Wilson and kissed him and then we stopped playing the game and went on these pod like boat things and ate chocolate and drank coffee and then we went to a farm and Kirby ate everyone but then we went to heaven and told us all to go eat pengu

35 Having to fight vampires at your old elementary school V 1 Comment
36 You can see your house, but get lost trying to get home. V 1 Comment
37 Dreaming you're peeing

Weirdest thing I've done in my dream was peeing fire?! Your face should be reacted when you see this!

That dream has happened to me before many times, but I've never wet the bed. - Pegasister12

This happens to me WAY TOO MUCH and it even happened this morning. (9/24/2016) - Powerfulgirl10

This happened a few times... Ugh. - Powerfulgirl10

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38 Brushing your teeth
39 Hard time seeing what's happening

I had a dream that my head was heavy and I couldn't lift it up to see anything. - Pegasister12

Definitely the worst feeling to have in a dream... For me at least

40 Kissing a dog
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