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41 You're dating someone you never fell for in real life

I was being cased by these monster things and he fights them off then we end up going to the movie thearter but on a couch and I was cuddling with him I woke up super mad

42 Being abducted by aliens
43 Time travel

I had a dream when I was thinking about a memory of me, my sister and my mum playing volleyball at a beach (which never happened) and I was admiring it as if it happened recently. Then, I see the past and I find out that it actually took place back when my sister was in 3rd grade, and I'm 4 years younger than my sister, so I was 4... But then I see it happen again, but in a modern way. This time, it's with my cousins instead of my sister. I can also pause everything if I want to, it was such an awesome dream. - RaccoonCartoon

I cannot tell you how many times I've had this dream! It really is wonderful, but my strange interpretations of the future are haunting me.

44 When your death triggers a civil war

Yea sooo... I actually had a dream where I died but didn't wake up afterwards. Instead I stayed in the dream as a new persona and their was a war going on because of my first persona's death.

45 When you go super slow in your dream but try to run

I had a dream when I was pretty much frozen, just standing there, and I was desperately trying to move. I tumbled all over my bed in reality, I probably almost fell out. Then, in the dream, I finally move, but instead of running, I put too much effort into it so I, instead, fell face-first into a patch of mud. Great. - RaccoonCartoon

I was trying to save my little brother from his captures but I couldn't run fast enough I look down and everything is going normal speed but my legs I woke-up to myself running while laying down in slow-mo (I act out my dreams while there happening sometimes)

I was being chased by some person I don't like in my school (it was third person) that somehow got in my house, and I didn't make it (no I didn't die.) - Powerfulgirl10

So true

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46 Everyone was a gold fish cracker and there were zombies and if they bit you you would turn into a goldfish zombie

At the end the gold fish commercial jingle played then I woke up

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47 You're late for something

Like a bus or plane or even a cruise ship. - Ace_of_spades

48 You get stalked by someone through your device and they come to do terrible things to you

I don't wanna talk about it... - WonkeyDude98

49 Being on the school bus naked
50 Getting chased by an angry guy

I have a reoccurring dream where I'm being chased in total darkness by...something. I can hear its rapid footsteps and hear its deep breathing but I never know just how close it is to me. I'm terrified that the next time I have this particular dream, that...thing will catch up and grab me. It's so terrifying. - Britgirl

51 Falling off a cliff

Really Common Dream. - PatrickStar3

52 Having a harem
53 Being tickled realistically

I was sleeping when suddenly I was being tickled under my arm and neck. It felt so real! I laughed in real life. Then I dreamt that my Mum was saying that my sister was the one that tickled me.
I woke up and asked ''Mum, why did you tickle me last night? '' and she was confused. I thought that maybe it was some sort of attempt to wake me up, but apparently it wasn't her... It wasn't my sister, either. Who on earth was it? - RaccoonCartoon

54 Meeting TopTenners

I met AnimeDrawer! - micahisthebest

55 Win The Lottery
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