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1 I dreamt I was on a bouncy castle when a gingerbread man with a chainsaw came in and started cussing me out in Korean (Garythesnail)

I wasn't kidding, it really happened in the dream! So funny but so weird. - Garythesnail

What... the... heck?! This is the weirdest one here! By far! - Wolftail

Even more funny than my brother getting arrested for stealing a COOKIE! - Turkeyasylum

My most favourited list and it's Pug kill me. Top 50 most favourited cba - Puga

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2 I dreamt my family were flying. An eagle then swooped down and ate my mother (Pug)

That's terrible! :( I would feel so sad if an eagle attacked any member of my family. - Wolftail

It's so bad to have a family member eaten by bird, and I'm being serious. - Powerfulgirl10

Oh my god, this was the Pug account! Puga should start using this one again - Songsta41

:( that's sad
I once dreamed my mom was levatitang I was on the driveway with my dada then she flew away in a hot air balloon and I started crying - ShadowClanRocks

3 I was dreaming I was leading an army of dancing koalas (PositronWildhawk)

Go, my dancing koalas! Go and RULE THE WORLD! - Garythesnail

I tell no lie. Also, the techno track that was playing on my iPod outside of the dream was the background music in the dream, making it yet stranger. - PositronWildhawk

Dance Koalas! Dance! Rule Japan! Listen to techno while you're at it! - MiraiNikkiYunoGasai

The awkward moment you lose a war.
To dancing koalas. - Rocko

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4 I dreamt i was sitting in a room when someone came in and turned into a flying baboon (PatrickStar)


5 I had a dream where some woman was coaching Tennis to some girl. She then sat down and graphically gave birth to a bunch of office supplies... (ryanrimmel)

Imagine a woman in labor, about to give birth, and a bunch of staplers, pens, and paper came out. And it was more graphic than anyone wants to know.

I have no clue why I had this dream - ryanrimmel

Dear lord, I don't even want to know what that looks like. - Powerfulgirl10

I don't know how the react - Ananya

What... - ShadowClanRocks

6 I dreamt a grandma was trying to shoot me (Simpsondude)

I had a dream that was similar. I was at my grandma's house with my buds and she went "you kids get off my lawn! " And tried to run me over with a lawn mower. It got worse when my mom said I deserved to die. (In the dream, my mom would NOT say that in real life)

She tried to shoot me in the head but missed then she started chasing me - simpsondude

Why would you say that simpsondude? Dude! Hahaaahaha

7 I dreamt I was molested by a dancing pineapple with a Jamaican accent (bobbythebrony)

(Refuses to comment on this) - Puga

What the heck is that? - Garythesnail

I don't want to see another pineapple for the rest of my day... - TwilightKitsune

Good Gd - Gangem

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8 I dreamed that my dog was robotic and he was trying to kill me with donuts (Letdot52)

I wouldn't do that. I would eat the donuts! - Puga

If you eat too many donuts you will get diabetes and then die from it

Lol. How can you die from donuts? - Powerfulgirl10

9 I dreamt of a twerking cookie (JaysTop10List)

Go back to bed.

Jesus... And I thought my dreams were weird. - 3DG20

Lol. What the heck? - Powerfulgirl10

10 I dreamt my house was being invaded by Jewish rectangles (Garythesnail)

Someone needs to draw this.

-A house with a bunch of rectangles wearing Yamakas telling people to bow down. - ryanrimmel

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11 I dreamt that I was at the beach and my dad threw condoms on the table and said there was a party at the other side of town. Everyone was going. It was really a tsunami. My sisters old teacher came in and said "use minecraft to survive" (Anonymouschick)

Had this last night from the day I put this. It was really dumb and yet very scary with 1000 tsunamis - AnonymousChick

12 I dreamed that a guy in a brown yo gabba gabba muno costume chased me (mirainikkiyunogasai)

Seriously. When I was seven or eight this happened. - MiraiNikkiYunoGasai

That must be horrifying. - Powerfulgirl10

13 I dreamt that I met Britgirl (Wolftail)

It's true! And I still remember half of it! - Wolftail

Haha funny what did she look like - 2storm

What are you a wolf?

Ha! This is great! No one ever dreams about me. ^.^ - Britgirl

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14 I dreamt that Sesame Street characters were singing Linkin Park (DarkMatter1997)

I'm not gonna lie when I say I have some pretty what dreams. But someone should think about making a video out of this. - DarkMatter1997

Oh god. - 3DG20

15 I dreamt I walked into my classroom to find everyone on drugs (DatIrishman)

If this happened to me, I'd say, "another normal school day," and find my seat and sit in it. You've probably guessed it: I personally think that most of my classmates are on drugs in real life. Seriously, they act INSANE! - Wolftail

You're not alone in that belief, and some of those people are top of the class. - PositronWildhawk

That must have been an interesting dream - funnyuser

Sounds like a normal class to me. - Rocko

That happens to me in real life all of the time... - 3DG20

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16 I dreamt the world ended and I was in a weird replica of earth (CerealGuy)

Can I eat you @ceralguy

Same! - ShadowClanRocks

17 I had a recurring dream where a pig owned a house on the hillside, and just stared at me and wouldn't respond. Then the house slid down the small hill, then it appeared back on the hill with about 10 poodles singing together. (ryanrimmel)

I was 3-4, and I clearly remember being terrified of this dream, and I have no clue why, this is something people just can't write. - ryanrimmel

Why is the pig staring at me...? - Rocko

Oh my gosh, that is so weird! - ShadowClanRocks

18 I dreamt that I was being chased through the woods by a snowman and Marilyn Manson Once (Jonerman)
19 I dreamt that I was dancing like a turtle and performing Ray of Light and punching Miley Cryus in the face and her security guard, which was a sock, cussed me out ( JaysTop10List)

I can't stop laughing at these weird dreams. - Powerfulgirl10

I was on drugs back then, don't ask. - JaysTop10List

20 I dreamt I was back in high school being bullied again so I committed suicide in front of everyone (bobbythebrony)

I had a very similar (and also disturbing) dream where my OWN FAMILY was bullying me so I went to the edge of a cliff and committed suicide by jumping off of it.

Yes, my family can be quite annoying sometimes but I would NEVER contemplate suicide.

That's awful, Bobby. Don't ever; you are cool - TwilightKitsune

21 I had a dream where Donald Trump was president, and revealed that his brother was a slice of cheese (Emberflight_of_StormClan)

Hey, he is president - Warwolf18

His brother WAS THE BEST CHARACTER ON THE SHOW - xandermartin98

Unfortunately, part of that isn’t a dream... - 3DG20

The part where Trump is president isn’t a dream, it’s reality!

22 I dreamt my brother stole a cookie and got 25 years in jail (Turkeyasylum)

I wish that was reality when my cousins steal stuff

That's a bit extreme. - TwilightKitsune

Your brother probably stole it from Cookie Monster to get that big of a punishment. - 3DG20

Wow, the sugar tax is more serious than I thought. - Rocko

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23 I dreamt I was playing Slender in real life (nintendofan126)

That sounds awesome - QuarterGuysApprentice

Wow... - ShadowClanRocks

24 I had a lucid dream where I somehow knocked all my front teeth out when I was waking up. I spent a long time looking underneath the mattress and under my pillow to find my teeth, I found them, and woke up when I was about to tell my mom. (ryanrimmel)

When I woke up and discovered I still had teeth, I got the same feeling that kids get when they find money on the ground. - ryanrimmel

I had one of the same dreams!
Exept the part with teeth
Just the mom telling part - ShadowClanRocks

25 I Had a Dream Where TheTopTens Became a Porn Site! (Danteem)

I nought this involved Luigi - TheKirbyCreeper999

I wouldn’t be surprised if it does. - 3DG20

26 I dreamt my whole house was full of dinosaurs and giant plants (Kiteretsunu)

This one I had just two days before yesterday (from the time this list is first published). - Kiteretsunu

Hopefully not too fresh in your memory. It just sounds too ominous for words. - PositronWildhawk

27 I dreamt about 3 guys burning down our family house cause they thought my brother was racist (Mumbizz01)

This by far is the most racist dream i ever had. - Mumbizz01

28 I had dreamt that my father was actually my sister who killed a cantaloupe and I was abducted by the moon and I became the Indian Ocean and flew away with Shrek. (The_Violist)

I always wonder what that dream was about... - The_Violist

Ok, what? - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

29 I dreamt of Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton getting married (Mcgillacuddy)

That would scar me for life. They're around their 70's (Trump being 70, and Clinton being 69.) - Powerfulgirl10

What?! - Gehenna

No comment. - 3DG20

WHAT?!?! - BorisRule

30 I dreamt that a fat, tall man with red hair lived in a small, brown, wooden house next to the beach near a theme park that hugged my mom and others to be nice. I heard on the radio that he was the nicest man in the world.

This was a stupid dream of mine. Does the nicest man in the world even exists? This was very very stupid. I want an awesome dream, not some lame dream about a nice man.

This was my dream, sorry I did not put my name on there.

31 I dreamt my science teacher gave me a haircut in class (drdevil)
32 I dreamt that Sandy from SpongeBob was performing Stupid Hoe (JaysTop10List)

Why must you put that image in my head... - Garythesnail

I hope an episode never airs about that

I don't even wanna know... - Powerfulgirl10


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33 I dreamt that giant mutant piranhas were taking over the world and a team of superhero cats came out of nowhere and saved the day (bobbythebrony)

Not the weirdest I've had - bobbythebrony

34 I dreamt about someone (most probably Thor from Avengers) chopping my hands off to get the truth as to who stole the potato chips (Brightside)
35 I had a dream where there was an anime party next door, and then there was a lot of killing and murdering. I later met Goku02 in real life and we escaped from the party. Luckily we survived. ( AnimeDrawer)

You know what is even weirder? The way I dreamed of how Goku02 looks in real life is what she actually looks like. I thought I would never dream about a toptenner.

36 I had a dream where I was at a playground with a kid with sharp teeth and claws was attacking bugs, and my sister was Pikachu (NikBrusk)

I had a dream: An onion fell on the floor and I picked it up, I started to cry but it was because Blue Diamond was invading Earth, then I realized I had a gem, and a 100 year old Finn Mertens was eating Pikachu shaped pizza, I took his sword and he said, “ GET OFF MAH LAWN! ” And then a fan emerged from the sky, and Pikachu started playing,” A POTATO FLEW AROUND MY ROOM! “ and giant Shrek stomped on Blue Diamond. I was still holding the onion, and he became Onion from Steven Universe. Onion grabbed a katana, and threw it at the dead Blue. when a bunch of flying bacon started making Oink noises. Then a brown Pegasus with one wing told me to come on, and we flew back to the kitchen. The kitchen was only two inches away though. The pegasus’s face turned into Shrek, and more Shrek faces popped up, and in the Luigi voice, they all said, “ SPAH GETTI! ” Uncoordinatedly. (Don’t know if that’s a word.) - The Amazing World Of Stefinn Mertenverse

37 I had a dream when a snow eats a TV set (BorisRule)

How the heck the snow should be alive and a T.V.-set eating creature? - BorisRule

38 I dreamt where there was this guy with a long, sharp knife and he kept chasing me and trying to kill me, but when it rained he was scared of it and he ran under a little tent and the dream ended (micahisthebest)
39 I dreamt doctor donut took care of sick foods in my stomach (funnyuser)

Seriously, that dream was when I was four! And I still remember it part of the way! - funnyuser

Imagine going to a pharmacy and seeing "Dr. Doughnut" on one of the doors. - Rocko

40 I dreamed that I was in SpongeBob land and an old man was crying and my friends Nick and Emmanuel were there. (MiraiNikkiYunoGasai)

Strange, Right? And how did my friends get in the dream? - MiraiNikkiYunoGasai

41 I dreamed that I was in Minecraft and me and my friend were stuck in a cave, while a black hole sucked everything up, and Jesus appeared, saying "Don't worry, you'll be saved", which ended up with me seeing a light and waking up (Ethanmeinster)

I had a bit similar dream. - BorisRule

It's like an NDE, a video game, a sci fi, and a nightmare combined. - ethanmeinster

42 I dreamt I owned a pack of arsenic that I lost and was in desperate need for. I found it and ate it. My friend ate it too and exploded. (TheLister)

"My friend ate it too and exploded." LOL - Powerfulgirl10

0 to 100 real quick. - Wolftail

43 I had a dream that Taylor Swift was my cousin (OhioStateBuckeyes)

I'm not kidding! This was weird, so weird that when I woke up, I thought it was real! - OhioStateBuckeyes

This list is too funny. Plus, having Taylor Swift as a cousin would be a nightmare. - Powerfulgirl10

I feel so bad...

I’m sorry to anyone who is actually Taylor Swift’s cousin. - 3DG20

44 I had a dream where I went down a Warp Pipe, and Bowser and 2 Kirbies simultaneously did the cha-cha (Garythesnail)
45 I dreamed that robots were attacking the world. My mother grabbed me and we tried to ride to the airport on plastic tricycles for children. (dipperpinesfangirl618)

I think we would have gotten there faster by foot. - dipperpinesfangirl618

This is so ridiculous! I love it! - Wolftail

If one were to fit all the dreams on this list together into a novel, I bet it'd be a best-seller. Just the idea of loads of people escaping on plastic tricycles cracks me up. - Rocko

46 I had a dream where me and some other kids younger than me are stuck in a place I don't know, we all had a knife to protect ourselves from some adults who had chainsaws, swords etc as their weapons, and I've killed an adult (BlueFrostOfThunderClan)
47 I've Dreamt that Scarlett Johansson is my girlfriend in 1997 and I was 16 and she was 12-13 and we did many fun things together (Metts)

I wish I could dream this.

48 I dreamt that I was dressing up as Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony during Halloween, even though in real life I hate My Little Pony (ElectricCorpseSlayer)
49 I dreamt about Him from the Powerpuff Girls using me for my drawings, then kidnapped me. Then the Powerpuff Girls saved me. I gave the Powerpuff Girls my drawings and thank them(AnimeDrawer)

That sounds cool.

50 I dreamt of going to SM for an MLP meet and greet. I overslept in the afternoon and biked all the way to the mall. The show was nearly over but I managed to catch some time with the ponies (Neonco31)

This happened to me last Saturday - Neonco31

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1. I dreamt I was on a bouncy castle when a gingerbread man with a chainsaw came in and started cussing me out in Korean (Garythesnail)
2. I dreamt my family were flying. An eagle then swooped down and ate my mother (Pug)
3. I was dreaming I was leading an army of dancing koalas (PositronWildhawk)
1. I dreamt I was on a bouncy castle when a gingerbread man with a chainsaw came in and started cussing me out in Korean (Garythesnail)
2. I was dreaming I was leading an army of dancing koalas (PositronWildhawk)
3. I dreamt I was molested by a dancing pineapple with a Jamaican accent (bobbythebrony)
1. I dreamt of a twerking cookie (JaysTop10List)
2. I dreamed that a guy in a brown yo gabba gabba muno costume chased me (mirainikkiyunogasai)
3. I dreamt that Sesame Street characters were singing Linkin Park (DarkMatter1997)

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