Weird Dream (or Nightmare): Volcano

Last night or rather yesterday (if you're in the Western Hemisphere), I had a rather bizarre dream and what is the dream about? It's about a volcano and here's how the story went:

It started as I view a documentary about volcanic eruptions. The documentary takes place in the Philippine Sea explaining the different types of eruptions and in the last demonstration, it explains about the Plinian eruption, a volcanic eruption that can shoot several tons of debris up to an altitude of 10km! The video shows the eruption triggering a pyroclastic tsunami, destroying a nearby island and killing some fishermen, how savage...

The second part of the dream is set in a small town in eastern South America, several miles away from my home. It is situated near a volcano and the people living in it are Americans (don't know why, that's what I saw in the dream). I watch (as an audience) as the volcano erupts and causes a pyroclastic flow, killing everyone in the town except for a few survivors who escaped in a car. They crash-pass trough a wall and the pyroclastic flow stops there. The town on this side of the wall is intact but abandoned, the people here have evacuated already. We took shelter underground and stayed there until the next day. The volcano is still erupting so we headed for a large tree with a complex treehouse. After climbing, we boarded a hybrid spaceship-plane and head out to outer space. The ship breaks apart but we survive and we teleport back to the village. The volcano than releases numerous lava flows heading right for us until we heard reports of a green asteroid heading towards us. I stay behind and the asteroid hits me. I then turned into a green man and then turned orange then I began shooting orange lava which somehow stopped all the lava flows in the area and that's where the dream ends.

When I learned about the dream I felt it's not complete so here's what I thought should be in the dream:

-Spitfire and Fleetfoot appear with blue-flame flamethrowers to stop the lava flows.
-German-built WW2 tanks arrive at the area to signal an all-clear.

What else happened? A while ago, I talked to my Guardian's boyfriend about the dream and he told me this. Sometimes dreams can be so powerful they can become real, especially if you keep thinking about them. Also, what I dreamt about is not just a dream, but a nightmare because something bad happened in the dream (the volcano eruption). And third, he stated that what I dream is influenced by what things I do when I'm awake, he said that judging by the strange stuff in my dream, he suspects my activities must be nonsensical or I must be watching some horror and violent movies. Um, I watched Kung Fu Yoga before the dream but I watched Dante's Peak (a volcano movie) before so it might be that. He said I should watch something good like some comedy or crime drama, well I usually watch Sci-Fi, Action, and Comedy. And I usually play Company Of Heroes 2, watch MLP and Downfall parody videos or just something else random.

But I recently remembered on the wikipedia article, eating before sleeping (which can trigger brain activity and metabolism) can lead to nightmares. Last night I ate some noodles and some biscuits during midnight so THAT might be the reason I got this weird nightmare.

Well, that's all folks. What's your thought?


That Is One Interesting Dream - JPK

Yeah, I actually think it's weird to have this dream - Neonco31

A dream about volcanos? Well, at least you survived, as well as the other people, it would be horrible dying in a dream. - visitor

Yeah, it would by terrifying. Because I had a midnight snack and eating shortly before bed can lead to nightmares. I remembered that I ate noodles and biscuits during that night. - Neonco31

I think the food can play especially if you have a small indigestion!
You may also remember this nightmare because you wakes up more brutally than usual or you were in the middle of the dream stage of your sleep. - Pew

Maybe it foreshadowes something

*Dramatic Music* - TwilightKitsune

Dun-dun-dunnn! - Neonco31