Weirdest Facts About Pets

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Cats have 3 eyelids
Pigs know when there's going to be an earthquake

Wow, great facts - Martinglez

Pirates used fish to slap their enemies

If Monty Python can do it, why not pirates? - PositronWildhawk

I'm sure its only a matter of time before jack sparrow does this.

Imagine that!

Sailer: You can't steal our money! I'll call the police!
(Pirate slaps with fish) - Martinglez

Dogs can smell things from 2 blocks of houses away
Rare silverfish can smoothen people's feet

I think they also can carry crazy weird infections. So... pros and cons. - keycha1n

Pets of the same gender are allowed to get married

That's not weird, but how can pets get married...? - Iamcool

Haha, "Your dogs are gay" - a quote from the Legally Blonde movie (or the sequel, I don't remember) - Metal_Treasure

You can eat dogs

There was dog on the menu in a North Korean restaurant I visited in China. It was completely unauthentic though, because North Korea doesn't have food.

But this is also keeping in mind that eating a dog should have the same moral qualms as eating any other animals. - keycha1n

I knew this, in Japan this is a common meal - Martinglez

I'd like to ignore this fact... - SamuiNeko

That's why I avoid hot dogs

You can eat cats

Poor dogs and cats

Why, China, Whyyy? - AlphaQ

Dogs only sweat through the pads of their paws
You can eat fish
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