Top Ten Weirdest Facts In "Weird But True 5"

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1 A vending machine in Singapore gave away a free soda to anyone who hugged the machine

I would hug a machine to get something free. - funnyuser

Now if only every vending machine did that! (including snack and school supplies)

Woah, seriously? I'm from Singapore and I didn't know this. When did this happen?

I would do it 100 times just so I could get 100 sodas - TheMazeRuner

2 Sticking raw bacon in your nostrils can stop serious nosebleeds

I'd find it a challenge not to eat it. - Pug

WOAH! Are We replacing Tissues? Don't KILL MORE PIGS! - OneWayStreet

I found this one the weirdest. - funnyuser

O. O that's interesting to know

3 You can use Gatorade to clean your toilet

We drink toilet cleaner! Somebody probably dropped a Gatorade in the toilet and found the toilet clean the next day. Wait... Why was there a Gatorade in the bathroom anyway?

The dog took a crap in the toilet, pass me the Gatorade. - JaysTop10List

So can coke

4 Some blueberries are pink

Guess they are pink berries than.

Yeah, they're called strawberries

Blue blueberry:hey,your not aloud to be pink
Pink blueberry:I'm trying to be a strawberry
Blue blueberry:we'll strawberrys are red
Pink blueberry:crap - Nateawesomeness

BlueberryBlue: why u pink girl?
Pinkblueberry:I am trying to IMPRESS Nateawesomeness
BlueberryBlue: Ya know I know u trying to be strawberry

5 The first TV remote was called Lazy Bones

"Hand me the Lazy Bones ". - funnyuser

I can only imagine why.

Get Lazy Bones For You Lazy Bones (Me) - Stevenpenguin

Was it made for skeleton TVs - Nateawesomeness

6 Orange snow once fell in Siberia


Everyone Stick Your Tounge Out To Taste Orange Snow :D - Stevenpenguin

Now if only it were yellow we would stay inside.
be grateful, kids. - lolingdog9000

7 A Welshman's dog served as best man at his wedding

That guy must'nt have a lot of friends

8 In Taiwan, garbage trucks blast music to remind people to bring out the trash

What if it was playing "what does the fox say? "

That's genius! Now I will be reminded more better to take out the trash.

My brother have that job, he already blasts his music extremely loud

Now that is awesome.

9 An elephant's heart can weigh as much as a basset hound

I have a basset hound

10 College students created a piano out of bananas

Now, I forgot to put this one in the top ten. - funnyuser

Who takes the time to do that?

I wonder if it works. - PianoQueen

The Contenders

11 There's a jellyfish that can change from an adult back into a baby
12 A company in England created cheese scented perfume

Who would buy that? - funnyuser

I would buy it. - randomuser2525

Mice would fall in love with you - Nateawesomeness

13 A German fashion designer makes clothing from milk powder
14 Your brain can hold 100 times more information than a computer

You sir, are better than Windows 8 - Delgia2k

So why can't I remember things on a test?

Your brain is a powerful computer.

This is the most fascinating thing I have ever heard in my life. - RockFashionista

15 There's a town in Oregon named Boring

And a town in Scotland named Dull. I have actually been to both of these places. - Kevie16

You know what I'm thinking. - funnyuser

Dull and boring are now twinned with eath other - Harri666

Ironically this fact is not BORING or DULL

16 A study found that the sound of a knife scraping a bottle is one of the most unpleasant sounds in the world

Besides Justin Bieber music.

Also Ariana Grande's voice.

And Nicki manage one defection and Taylor swift

In your opinion that's not really a fact

17 The symbol & which means "and," was once a letter in the English alphabet

It's not even in any words though - Nateawesomeness

18 In Japan you can buy octopus-flavored ice cream

Mom: ok sweetie what kind of ice cream do you want?
Child: I want oCtOpUs FlAvOr

Wait.. Seriously? That's so weird! - randomuser2525

Octopus is edible? - Nateawesomeness

I would rather eat octopus than listen to anaconda by nicki minaj-KyokoKuchisakeSuccubi

19 Some spiders' brains extend into their legs
20 You can buy a wig for your dog

To make it a poodle - Nateawesomeness

21 A white Orca was spotted in the pacific ocean
22 The average adult tells about 11 lies in a week

Must have been telling their kids Santa was real - TwilightKitsune

Mostly to their kids. - funnyuser

23 Tabasco sauce can make bee stings hurt less
24 Some crabs are bright purple

Ans some Lobsters are blue - scienceLover10

25 Sea snail mucus was once used to make purple dye

It's the reason purple is the color of royalty, because it was really expensive.

True, it was made by the phonecians

26 A group of hippos is sometimes called a bloat
27 Swifllet birds' nests are made entirely from saliva
28 Dogs have three times more taste buds than cats

You know dogs can taste water unlike humans - TheMazeRuner

29 A lion's roar is louder than a lawn mower
30 You can see a glass frog's heart beating through its skin
31 Whale blubber was once used to make margarine
32 Some ancient Romans paid their taxes in honey
33 A study found that the more afraid you are of spiders, the bigger they appear to be

Maybe this is why arachnophobia seems to be so frightening. - RockFashionista

34 If your tongue was as long as a frog's, it would reach down to your belly button
35 Insect blood can be clear, yellow, or green
36 Bees have five eyes


37 A meteor crater in South Africa is wider than Ireland
38 Doodling can help you concentrate

It's true. I doodle all the time in math class. It helps me concentrate. - funnyuser

I can prove this to be accurate. - RockFashionista

Listening to Nintendo game music helps ME conentrate

39 More than 100 years ago, people roller-skated by strapping small tires to their feet
40 Children in ancient Rome played a game similar to leapfrog
41 The peacock mantis shrimp has claws strong enough to punch through an aquarium's glass walls
42 You can buy an energy bar with crickets inside
43 A board game was found in King Tut's tomb
44 The iPod's name was inspired by the line from the classic movie 2001: A Space Odyssey: "Open the pod bay doors Hal"
45 The word "robot" first appeared in a play written in 1929
46 There's a beach in Hawaii with green sand
47 Yak hair was used to make wigs for characters in The Hobbit movie
48 Half of the pigs in the world live in China

"pigs, half of them made in China" - lolingdog9000

49 Camels are originally from North America
50 Oology is the study of bird eggs
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